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May 26, 2019

11 Groups Of People Who Will Be Upset When MySpace Shuts Down

MySpace is probably shutting down permanently in June. These groups of people will probably be upset/devastated. MySpace is cutting 47 percent of its staff amid reports that owner News Corp. is preparing the social-networking website for a possible sale.MySpace is firing about 500 employees in a broad restructuring across all of its operations, according to an e- mailed statement from the Beverly Hills, California-based website today. MySpace will enter into local partnerships in the UK, Germany and Australia to manage advertising and content.

1. Reborn doll collectors

2. People who type in all caps

3. Former VH1 reality stars

4. High school metal bands

5. Juggalos

6. Single moms

7. Unborn babies

8. People named after foods

9. Bret Michaels fans

10. Babies with big sunglasses

11. People who don’t know how to rotate photos

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