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May 22, 2018

5 Mindblowing Hidden Features on Windows 7

We all know that Windows 7 is an operating system with easy applications and visual pleasure. It makes computing experience unconditionally exceptional. There are some features in Windows 7 which are undiscovered by most of the users. In these screenshot pictures these features are shown for easy understanding. In the first screenshot the “Work Mode” feature is demonstrated. This feature is useful in an office computer as it provides Auto Type option along with some other useful options. The next picture is of an interesting feature called “Windows House Call”. Windows bids to diagnose various diseases of the computer user by the stored and deleted data of the computer. The third photograph shows “Guest Modes”. It helps you to protect or hide your personal settings from others. A very useful feature called “Gist of It is shown in the next picture. It helps to generate a gist of your writing in MS words automatically. The last feature is an interesting one showing “Boot Options for Grandma”. All these features are equally useful and interesting.

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