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April 10, 2020

The 7 Weirdest Zombie Game Apps

The typical zombie apocalypse game format, in which you escape from zombies, collect supplies, and try to kill the zombies by shooting them in the head, has been done many times before. Now much weirder zombie games are available, which twist the typical zombie game script until it’s hilarious, zany, and fresh again.

Stupid Zombies 2

Image via Apple.com

The sequel to Stupid Zombies offers upgraded graphics and a lot of new levels while still bringing on the same fun gameplay. In Stupid Zombies 2, your character has a gun with a finite number of bullets, much as players have a finite number of birds in Angry Birds. Zombies hide behind obstacles all over the screen, and you ricochet your bullets to kill them all. It’s free on Android and iOS.

Zombie Castaways

Image via Apple.com

Free on both iOS and Android, Zombie Castaways is a bizarre zombie love story in which a zombie travels the world looking for the Zombium that will make him human for the sake of the girl he loves. You play the zombie while traveling across islands and accumulating zombie friends who help you grow plants, construct buildings, and look for the cure that will make you human. It’s weird in an adorable way, and the zombies in this story are pretty darn cute with their buckteeth.

Pro Zombie Soccer

Image via Apple.com

In Pro Zombie Soccer, which is 99 cents in the Apple store, the main character uses a soccer ball as his main weapon against the zombies. It sounds simple, but the gameplay quickly escalates as kicking the soccer ball becomes your resource for triggering other zombie-killing weapons, like a death-ray from space. Pro Zombie Soccer plays like an arcade game, with the zombies swarming at you from all over the screen and testing your reaction time.

Zombie Road Trip

Image via Apple.com

Free on both iOS and Android, Zombie Road Trip brings you another zany interpretation of the zombie apocalypse. This game combines car chases with zombies — you’re driving a car as zombies chase you. You’ve got a bunch of weapons you can fire at the zombies from the car. Choose different weapons, cars, and terrains, then combine them with gadgets and controls to escape the zombies.

Plants vs. Zombies

Image via Apple.com

The original Plants vs. Zombies remains one of the weirdest, and best, zombie games you can download. The sequel is cool, too, but the first version remains superior. Get it for free or upgrade to a paid version for 99 cents. Make sure you play it on a device with a high-resolution display on a fast network like T-Mobile’s; the huge screen of T-Mobile’s iPhone 6 Plus will help you see even the sneakiest of zombies and place your fighting plants in the right spots.

Age of Zombies

Image via Apple.com

A zombie T-Rex might be even weirder than a garden full of plants that help you keep zombies out of your house. In Age of Zombies, which is 99 cents for both iOS and Android, you battle zombie ninjas, zombie mummies, and other zombie monsters from throughout the ages. (And you get to ride a zombie T-Rex!) Play with your friends in multiplayer mode, or use a split screen for different views of the attacking zombies.

Zombie Cafe

Image via Apple.com

This is one of those Diner Dash kind of games in which you run a cafe and have to direct the its traffic to make customers happy. The twist? Your staff is made up of zombies. You can poison your customers to create more zombie workers and attack nearby cafes to steal recipes and supplies. Plus, the recipes you make are humorously disgusting, far more fit for zombies than for humans. Download Zombie Cafe for free on iOS and Android (just beware of in-app purchases!).

Sometimes you’re killing zombies with soccer balls, sometimes you’re trying to help them become human, and sometimes you’re putting them to work. Zombie games don’t just aim to simulate and copy Resident Evil anymore; instead, they take the zombie concept to new and ever weirder levels. Are you hungry for brains yet?

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