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August 19, 2019

Abandoned Soviet Aircraft With BBA-14 Airplane

Abandoned Soviet territories like castles, mills and hospitals have garnered a lot of interest in recent times. How about an abandoned Soviet Aircraft now?

Here you see pictures of abandoned Russian aircraft along with a number of its diagrams. But this is no ordinary aircraft. This is VVa-14 that was supposed to be a part of an aviation anti-submarine complex that consisted of three aircrafts that included search and sighting systems, antisubmarine weapons and a fueling system. The purpose of these systems was to detect and destroy enemy submarines in remote areas that were far from the place of take-off. These aircrafts operated both in conjunction with as well as independent from other equipment and forces of the Navy. From the pictures, we can see that they were certainly used once. We wonder if they actually managed to destroy any submarines of the enemy.


  1. Awesome photos! That’s one of the weirdest planes I’ve ever seen – and it looks pretty unique too so too bad it’s not in a museum 🙁

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