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May 22, 2018

Use the Adobe Certification Marketplace to Prepare for Your Exam

One of the greatest resources offered to Adobe certified experts is the marketplace. This is a place where all certification holders and desirers can go to access a wide range of beneficial products and resources. For individuals who lack experience using Adobe products and are starting, more or less, from scratch, this is where you should begin, because this is where you will expand you knowledge all with the click of a button.


In the marketplace, individuals can view the resources available by product or by certification. Numerous resources are available for each certification. Among the most helpful are the books and practice exams that can be purchased at a very affordable price directly from the Adobe website. These will act as guides, covering specific information regarding product features, functions, components and applications. Web resources, including eBooks, eLearning courses and software, and training videos, are also available.

Perhaps one of the most useful items is the exam voucher, which most individuals ultimately use when going back for a second (or multiple) certification. Most vouchers can only be used at Pearson VUE testing centers, but they can seriously diminish the exam price to an amount that is extremely affordable and highly worth your time and money.

In addition to the resources offered on the Adobe marketplace, many people seek out alternative resources for a well-rounded training experience. The best website to go to is TestsLive.com. There, practice exams, study guides and other materials can be found at astonishingly cheap prices. Their practice exams are thorough and comprehensive, with test questions that are both practical and nearly identical to the ones you will see on the actual exam. Whatever products you choose to use, you can rest assured that your experience with Adobe will be one to remember.

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