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December 7, 2019

The Amazing Venice City Built With Lego

Looking at the photos online of the Venice city built with Lego it is the most amazing Lego Creation. Its looks almost like the real Venice City. It must have taken quite while to built this amazing replica of Venice. The buildings look so authentic right down to the street lights.

From the photos of this creation of the Venice city in Italy built with Lego everything is so detailed like the St Mark’s Square. There is what looks like an open market with vendors and people in it. Then the canals where there are detailed gondolas that look almost like the real gondolas that are seen in Venice. The landscape looks as if the gondolas are actually sitting in water of the city…Italy travel was really nice…



There are pictures of the bridges that are in Venice city built with Lego, there must have been a lot of thought put in to how to make those bridges. But how did they get the details down for the making of those bridges to make them look just like the real bridges in Venice. Some of those pieces that were used in this creation might have had to be combined with other Lego sets.


Then there is the question how many people worked on this Lego creation to get it finished. There must have been more than one person that helped to finish this Lego creation before it was show cased for people to look at.







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