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June 25, 2018

Protecting Animals a Photoshop Way

Man has always loved animals pretend to be human-like. We all love movies with talking animals and animals dressed up like humans. Animal armors though difficult to keep on the animal have been popular for a long time. Though not all animals can be made to wear them, they can be used as show pieces in houses, offices, lobbies, etc. They add to the appeal and increase the interesting quotient.

Armors are available in all sizes and the miniature ones are popular too. Pet animals have been made to wear them and pose from a long time. Armors have been designed for birds like hawks and owls too. Whenever animals are actually made to wear the armors designed for them, they are designed so as not to hurt them when worn. Even though making a rhino wear the armor designed for it maybe a little risky, displaying it somewhere will give the place a mysterious look.

This photos belongs to Worth1000.com Armored Animals Photoshop Contest, and you can check full gallery here

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