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March 4, 2014

My Big Brother Trevor’s Birthday

     I love my big brother. Trevor will be turning 26 this Friday and I want to do something special for him. Last month was my birthday and he threw this awesome surprise party for me at his house. I should repay him, but how should I do that? My girlfriend Tara suggested looking online and write down a list of ideas of what we can do for Trevor’s birthday. We looked at clubs, but Trevor isn’t the “clubbing” type. We saw amusement parks, but the last time Trevor went to an amusement park, he hurled after riding The Flying Squirrel.

roulette 1

      I saw on the side of the search engine I was using and saw something about Roulette 888Casino. “Babe, have you ever heard of this place?” I asked my girlfriend. “Oh yeah! My friend Debra goes there,” Tara replied. “She and David have loads of fun and win cool cash prizes.” I visited the roulette.888casino.com and I can definitely say I was amazed. The website said to enjoy the magic of roulette at 888Casino. You can play any of 888Casino’s roulette games with the chance of having a lucky, winning bet!

     At 888Casino, you can try out an instant play without needing to download to see if it suits your tastes. There are four main types of roulette to choose from: Live, Rockin Roulette, European Roulette, and 3D Roulette. At live roulette, a player can take a “virtual seat” and play live rounds. During Rockin Roulette, crowds are brought to life with a covered dome roulette table instead of a traditional spinning roulette wheel. In European Roulette, place bets on numbers, red/black, odd/even or other selections and collect your winnings when the ball lands on target. 3D Roulette has high quality audio and visuals, which brings depth and more fun to the game.

roulette 2

     “Perfect,” I said to Tara. “I think Trevor will love this!” Friday night, I invite Trevor to the apartment. I told him Tara would be at a friend’s and that we would just watch a game and have some drinks. Trevor said sure and he meets me outside of the apartment. We walk up the stairs and I unlock my front door. I flick the light switch on and suddenly we hear: “Surprise! Happy Birthday!” Trevor was shocked and was laughing when he saw all of our friends and family over. We started to play music, Trevor, Trevor’s girlfriend Mikaela, Tara, and I were dancing in the living room. “Sweetie, it’s time to open gifts,” said Mikaela. “Come on Trevor, see what we bought for you.” A big, polka-dotted gift was sitting on the kitchen table. Trevor sat down at the table while the rest of us, about 15 of us, stood around. Trevor shook the box to his year, and then ripped the box open. It was a brand new laptop! I helped him get set up and told him to visit the website I wrote down on a piece a paper for him. It was 888Casino with all the excited games to choose from. Trevor played all night with the 3D Roulette and had won big cash prizes–I have never seen him so excited! I guess Trevor had a fun birthday after all.

Macy’s Sells Red Dress Pins for Heart Disease Awareness

macys hearth association 4

Macy’s and the American Heart Association Aha and Macys go red for women Movement. AHA and Macy’s Go Red for Women movement focuses on the number one killer of women: heart disease. Macy’s has invited their customers to chip in to help with funding through the yearly Wear Red Sale. From Feb. 5 to Feb. 10, Macy’s aids in bringing awareness of heart disease. Through February 14, Macy’s is having the sale of the red dress pins. All sales will be given to the American Heart Association. Macy’s associates and customers can unite to bring light to a cause that affects everyone.
macys hearth association 6
Together, Macy’s associates and customers have helped raise $46 million for research and education efforts. As a result, this helped save over 627,000 women’s lives since 2004. Last year, Macy’s sold over a million Red Dress pins, raising $3.2 million. In addition to the sale of red dress pins, Macy’s will be contributing three exclusive dresses fashioned by XOXO, Calvin Klein, and Kensie in respect to American Heart Month. Learn more about Go Red For Women®, by checking out the webiste, www.goredforwomen.org or to learn how Macy’s supports Go Red For Women, visit www.macys.com/gored. Unite in the fight against heart disease.

macys hearth association 7

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Celebrities that enjoy gambling

Many celebrities enjoy gambling, but then that is hardly surprising. When you are living a life in the public eye it must be good to get away and enjoy some quality time at a casino. The problem is of course that they rarely are out of the public eye, and most of the casinos in Las Vegas have a celebrity wall of fame where they boast about the celebrities that have played there. They would probably have to have a go in an online casino such as GamingClub.com/au/casino-games in order to have their privacy.

gambling celebrities

Then that is Las Vegas, European casinos are much more discrete about who enters their doors. Although, celebrity spotting is a popular sport everywhere, casino celebrity sightings rarely go unreported.
Gambling tends to appeal particularly to celebrity actors and sportsmen. Tiger Woods is a very keen gambler who enjoys playing high stakes games, especially blackjack, and the Australian spin bowler Shane Warne has made it big in poker. In fact many celebrities enjoy poker, and some celebrity actors and very successful at the game. For instance Jennifer Tilly, Shannon Elizabeth and Ben Affleck have between them won well over a million dollars at the game. Shannon Elizabeth has been playing poker ever since she was a child, and she now thinks of it as her second career, she plays it in Las Vegas two or three times a month. Jennifer Tilly has flirted with the idea of giving up acting to become a professional poker player.

gambling celebrities2

Sharon Stone is also a keen poker player, but she tends to play it mainly in private games with her Hollywood buddies, though of course she is famous for her role as ginger in the Martin Scorsese movie Casino. Goldie Horn and her mate Pamela Anderson are also keen on the Las Vegas scene, though while Pamela favours slots, Goldie is more of a blackjack fan. The most successful poker playing actor is Patrick Bruel, he has won over a million dollars at the game.

gambling celebrities3

Snyder’s of Hanover Introduces Sweet and Salty Flavored Pretzel Pieces

Broadened Line Now Features Cinnamon Sugar and Salted Caramel Flavors

Snyders pretzel 9

Hanover, Pa. – In reaction to the escalating level of popularity of sweet and salty flavor combinations, Snyders of Hanover is delighted to add Cinnamon Sugar and Salted Caramel varieties to its already present product line of Flavored Pretzel Pieces.

Reaching store shelves this January, shoppers are now presented with an extended chance for happiness beyond Snyder’s of Hanover’s customary mouth-watering flavors. Whether you posses a craving for sweets that simply cannot be fulfilled, or you are craving something salty but more entertaining than your regular potato chip, Snyder’s new choices are sure to delight. Both of the sweet and salty types will retail around $3.69 for a 10-oz bag.

Snyders pretzel 3

Sweet and Salty Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel Pieces is the first addition to the line. The ageless pairing of cinnamon and sugar is sprinkled on lightly salted and crunchy, bite-size sourdough Pretzel Pieces. The right snack food for movies, a day at the pool, backpacking, and more, these pretzel pieces are certain to heal your sweet tooth.

Sweet and Salty Salted Caramel Pretzel Pieces are the next addition, combining smooth buttery caramel with flecks of salt on perfectly sized, golden-brown sourdough Pretzel Pieces that deliver a significant crunch to this classic flavor.

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Serving Up the Heat: The Australian Open’s Historic Year

The Australian Open is one of the most renowned tennis matches in the world. But this year, tennis was only the secondary focus for onlooker and participants alike. That is because this year the Australian Open occurred during the longest heat wave in the last 100 years of Melbourne’s history. The four day event was riddled with illnesses from hallucination to vomiting to the melting of one player’s tennis shoe soles and another’s water bottle. Images of players on their backs with glassy eyes, wearing ice packs like hats, and playing in ice vests littered the media both in newspapers and even on betting sites like bwin.com/australian-open-men.

 australian open 1
But if the heat wasn’t concerning enough for viewers and players, the hubris with which officials spoke about the conditions certainly was. In fact, the chief medical officer’s exact comment was “We’ve evolved on the high planes of Africa chasing antelope for eight hours under these conditions. Whether it’s humane or not is a whole other issue.” When media pressed the issue, the Open officials simply responded by saying that there were very few players who had called for medical attention. After confusing extreme heat policy was put into practice, more people were left wondering what the policy meant than were comforted by it. This led to an ongoing discussion in the media and amongst fans as to whether or not player should be forced to play under such extreme conditions.

 australian open 2

Fortunately, none of the players were seriously injured and all recovered from their illnesses upon the culmination of the tournament. Additionally, there were some very high points professionally, such as Serena Williams obtaining the most match wins at the Australian Open in the tournament’s history. In the men’s game, Florian Mayer beat Jerzy Janowicz 7-5, 6-2, 6-2. Also among the early wins on the men’s side were Rafael Nadal, Andy Murray, and Roger Federer, all of whom progressed earlier in the day on day four.

 australian open 3

Though this year’s Australian Open will certainly be remembered for many historic moments and harrowing wins, there is no doubt that the heat that accompanied the players and viewers alike during this tournaments will be talked about for many months and possibly years to come. There are many questions that some would still like to have answered about the conditions under which the players were forced to continue their game. Why wasn’t the roof closed to the stadium? Why did nobody call off or delay the game when such extreme conditions appeared? While the conditions of this year’s event will certainly spark much policy debate and discussion, it will still be remembered as a great game and the Australian Open remains one of the top tennis tournaments in the world.

australian open 4

australian open 5

A Night Out in the Casino

My wife Karen and I are nurses–she works at a nursing home, and I work at a clinic. We both love doing what we do, but sometimes we feel burnt out. Long overnight shifts can be hard and can be a strain on our marriage. On one lazy Saturday, Karen walks over to me in the living room, asking me what plans I had. “Nothing,” I responded. “I mean, aside from sleeping, eating, and working on the truck, I have no plans. Why?” “Well, I wanted to know if you wanted to do something special tonight,” she said. I honestly didn’t feel like going out tonight, but of course, I would do anything for my wife. I asked her what she was planning, and she said, “You’ll see.”

online casino

It was 5PM and I was still in the living room, but I was laying on the couch. I thought to myself, “What is Karen up to?” I hear laughing in the kitchen, so I got my lazy self up and walked in. She was on her computer staring at the screen. I walk towards her and stand behind her left shoulder. I looked at the screen and saw something amazing! I had never heard of 888 casino online  before, but from just looking at what was going on pulled me right in. Online gambling games looked like loads of fun, and I even played some of the games. “Want wine, honey?” Karen asked. I smiled and she poured two glasses of the best red wine. I took a sip and decided to grab my own laptop and bring it to the kitchen table. Karen and I sat on opposite sides of the table, both of us rapidly tapping our keyboards. I love what the website offers–blackjack, slots, and even live casino! 888 is one of the top online casinos to visit, right at home.

online casino2

Both my wife and I won awesome cash prizes from all our plays. The action is very intense. “Thanks for telling about this,” I said, grinning. Karen nodded and said, “I won a lot of money from simply playing slots and roulette. I’m feeling pretty satisfied, I think I am going to get some sleep. Duty calls.” She closed her laptop, and started to head upstairs to the bedroom. “Glad you had fun at a night out in the casino,” Karen said. I smiled, grabbed the glass of wine, and drank it to the last drop.

The Craziest Casino Experience I’ve Ever Had

Last week was extremely hectic because my boss wanted this website project finished by the end of the week. My co-worker Devin Graham and I worked day and night just to get it completed and so we could get the files on Mr. Rosen’s desk by the morning. “Man, there are so many columns that need to be filled in,” said Devin. “I wish he told us about the project earlier.”  “Definitely,” I said. “After all of this is finished, I want to go and do something fun! Are you in?” “Sure, Kyle,” he responded. “Let’s hurry up before Mr. Rosen gets on us for late work.” Devin and I typed up the reports, filled in all of the blank timetables, filed paperwork in alphabetical order, and made sure everything was together. The project went better than expected. “Man, you ready? We can go to my place and see if a game is on or something,” I said. Devin nodded and placed the project on Mr. Rosen’s desk.

Caesars Palace1

Devin and I left the office and hopped in our vehicles. We headed to my place, which was only 15 minutes away from work (very convenient). We walked in, made a couple of whoppers, and sat on the couch. We wondered what we could do besides watch sports and play video games, but suddenly, a light bulb went on in our heads. “Caesars!” we said in unison. Devin reminded me that you can get $10 bonus at Caesars Casino online. We logged on and got started. There was an array of games to play such as Captain Nemo, European BlackJack, and Shark Bite. We kept playing each round Thursday night and made cash instantly–almost $200! I never knew gambling online can be just as fun as going to an actual casino in Las Vegas.

caesars palace2 1024x682

Friday morning came and we were a bit late because of all the online fun we had last night. Our boss walked up to us and asked us why we were late to work; I knew I had to tell the truth. “Devin and I stayed up playing games on Caesars and–” “You mean the online gaming site?” Mr. Rosen interrupted. “I love going there! I made a killing playing Jacks or Better. By the way, great job on the project. Keep up the good work, Mr. Richardson and Mr Graham.” Mr. Rosen walked away and both Devin and I looked at each other. “Well,” said Devin. “I guess we aren’t the only ones in this building that knows how to have fun!”

You Only Live Once, So Make the Best of It with MGM Grand

As they say, you only live once, so make the best of it. Who is to say you can’t make the best of it with one of the top entertainment authorities in Las Vegas? MGM Grand Entertainment Authority presents various forms of entertainment, dining, and relaxation options. Start off the day by going to the Reviv Hydration Spa, a spa dedicated to replenish one’s fluids and vitamins through IV infusion and offers three booster shots to give a lasting rush of energy and detoxifies the body. The feeling of replenishment and rehydration will leave a lasting impression.

mgm grand 8

Afterwards, check out KÀ, a show by Cirque du Soleil. The unpredictable theatrical event is action-packed with various acrobatics, martial arts, puppetry, and multimedia. This is supposed to be a more dazzling cinematic event than previous Cirque du Soleil shows.

After watching a show like that, one must work up an appetite.  Acclaimed chef Tom Colicchio’s Craftsteak is an amazing restaurant with professionals catering to visitors’ needs. Try out their lobster bisque as the first course, or taste one of their diver sea scallops. Finish off the meal with a delicate slice of cheesecake or delicious sorbet. Learn more about this restaurant and other places MGM Grand Entertainment Authority offers at www.MGMGrand.com.

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Throwing an animal themed kids party

Planning a childrens party can be a struggle at the best of times, but with the help of an animal theme, you can bring your home to life and give the youngsters a whale of a time!

If you’re feeling ambitious, you can go even more specific and choose an ‘under the sea’, ‘jungle’ or ‘pets’ theme, but if you want their imaginations to go wild, just leave them to it and watch the fancy dress equivalent of a zoo walk through your front door.

Ideal for boys and girls, an animal-themed party is really easy to organise, just follow these simple steps:

 wacky owl 1


The party excitement always starts with the invite. If you don’t want to fork out for pre-printed invites, why not make your own? Type out your party information – place, time, date, theme, for example – and centre it so the info looks as ‘rounded’ as possible (i.e. ensure it can be cut into a circle).

Once printed, cut your invitation into a circle and round-off the outside of the circle into a snake’s head. Then, glue a piece of red string and googly eyes to the head and there you have it – a snakey party invite!

 wacky owl 2


Here’s where you can get creative.

Grab some animal jelly sweets (i.e. frogs and worms) and add them to your jelly for a super-tasty swamp treat. You can even add pieces of fruit if you so wish.

For more healthy treats, make ants on a ‘log’ by sticking raisins to celery sticks with peanut butter! And don’t forget you can buy animal shaped cookie cutters, which are ideal for making bread shapes as well as making biscuits.

Want to go above and beyond? Why not try your hand at this cat sculpture made out of butter.

 wacky owl 3

Fancy Dress

If you don’t have time to craft a mask out of glitter glue and feathers for your little one, an online fancy dress store is the next best thing. Frojo’s stocks a vast number of childrens fancy dress outfits and accessories, including over 40 animal-themed bits and pieces found here.

We hope you throw a bonza bash and all the kids have a fabulous time!

Wackiest Ways to Draw Attention at a Promo Event

So you’re planning a promotional event and are looking to make an impact? Well, if you’re serious about making a statement and creating a buzz, throw away those branded bookmarks and listen up.

shutterstock 89063866

Set a world record

Everyone wants to be a record breaker, so why not help make these dreams a reality and gain plenty of attention in the process by inviting people to help your organisation get in the next edition of the Guinness World Records? Most People Attending a Business Speed Networking Event is just begging to be broken.

Think big and find something that’s relevant to your organisation – take inspiration from LUSH, which attempted to set the record for the most lip prints collected in a 12-hour period. The company raised awareness of their lip products and were mentioned plenty in the media. Clever, huh?

Wow with alternative entertainment

Musicians playing the guitar can gather crowds on the high street, but you can really make people pay attention when you go for some alternative entertainment. If you are handing out leaflets or samples, or merely directing people to your store, why not get a stilt walker to do the honours? Hire them from Zest and you are guaranteed performers with a larger-than-life personality for ultimate impact.

Go alternative and exciting with other events too, and attendees will never forget about your organisation. Promotions agencies like Zest enable you to hire the likes of body painters, roller skaters, magicians, break dancers, fire artistes and angle grinders.

shutterstock 61355398 682x1024


Organise a flashmob – whereby dancers congregate in a public place, seemingly from out of nowhere, perform and then disperse – to promote your organisation. Do a good enough job, and it might even go viral, like this one organised by Alphabet Photography did.

People can’t help but stop and watch these events and talk about them with their friends, and it doesn’t matter if song and dance isn’t really relevant to your organisation. Just get everyone in the mob to wear a T-shirt with your logo and Bob’s your uncle – your Twitter mentions will rocket.

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