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April 2, 2020

How to secure a top career

Certain careers are highly regarded due to earning potential, career satisfaction or the prestige of the position. They include careers in finance, law and medicine. These top careers can be difficult to access but once you have earned the qualifications and gained the experience necessary you can enjoy a lifetime of high earnings and career prestige. [Read more…]

How to Find the Best Military Criminal Defense Attorney

If you are in a situation where you have been accused of a crime in the military, then you have likely been looking for military trial defenders that can meet your needs. How can you make sure that you’re going to get one that is going to be able to take care of you and your needs? And how do you know that you’re going to be working with someone that is going to care about the outcome of your trial? Here are some tips and hints that you can use in order to find the best of the best.

  • Look for a defense attorney that has been in the military, or is currently in it. Even though there are a lot of people who study military law and understand it, no one is better to defend you than someone who actually knows the ins and outs of the system because they were part of it. A majority of attorneys that defend military cases were in the military at one point in time, so look around and see what their credentials are before you go ahead and make a decision about who you’re going to use. In short, look for someone that has experience in the legal system as it is in the military (JAG, etc) – that will help you even more.
  • Find someone that listens to your concerns and lets you know what your options are.There are a lot of people who are out there for the money, but you don’t want to be working with them if you’re trying to figure out how to deal with your trial. You want to work with someone that genuinely cares about the outcome and that will give you the sort of defense that you deserve to have as a member of the armed forces or other branches of the military.
  • Find someone that will give you a price that is fair and that won’t get you in financial trouble. You need to find someone that has a fair cost that isn’t going to break the bank, and many people who defend those in the military will do that for you because they believe that you deserve that sort of defense. Compare some costs to make sure that you’re getting the best defense for the best cost, but don’t settle for less just because you’re in a situation where you can’t afford it either. Compare, contrast, and figure out the best course of action.

As you can see, there are a lot of factors that go into finding the best military defense that you deserve to have. If you follow these tips and make sure that the person that you’re working with is right for your needs, then you will be in a much better place to find someone that is going to help you get through your trial as best as you possibly can. Start your search today.

How recent science is solving historic myths

The fundamental purpose of science is to provide answers. By process of systematic study, scientists prove, or indeed disprove, theories about why things happen. As human beings have evolved over the centuries, it would in some ways appear that the number of mysteries left to solve has perhaps decreased. Today, we know and understand things about how the universe works in a way that would be unrecognizable to our ancestors just a couple of generations ago.


In reality however, the number of questions has not decreased; it is more that the nature of the questions has changed. In fact, most scientists would agree that every answer worked out only opens up a range of new questions and potential avenues of exploration.

Historic myths


One area in which the scientific world is having a particularly interesting impact on is the exploration of historic myths. Over the years, the recording of history has becoming significantly more sophisticated, and today we have an unprecedented level of technology that allows us to capture even the smallest details about how we live our lives.

This technology is a relatively recent phenomenon however, and for generations, human beings relied on storytelling to pass on information, lessons and records. Such a process is fundamentally flawed, as stories can be embellished or influenced, consciously or otherwise, by who is telling them. It is a widely agreed concept among academics that history is written by the winners, for example.

As a result, there are numerous fascinating areas for to be explored, questions to be answered and mysteries solved, and the world of science and history are coming together to do exactly this.

Popular stories

These are a few of the most intriguing mysteries that scientific methods have been applied to solve:

  • The ‘Cardigan Billy’ picture. As reported on baedaily.com, scientists used the same modern-day facial recognition techniques that confirmed the death of Osama Bin Laden to prove that a 137-year-old photo does in fact show legendary outlaw Billy the Kid. The photo, which shows Billy the Kid playing a game of croquet with the Lincoln County Regulators in the summer of 1978, is now estimated to be worth around $5 million. This is remarkable considering that it was purchased for a couple of dollars in a junk shop. The new owner insisted the cardigan-wearing figure was indeed Billy the Kid and has been proven right by science.

  • Of all the sciences, archaeology has perhaps done most over the years to solve historical mysteries. One of these is the question of why Palmyra, a key trading hub in the Roman Empire, was located in the middle of the Syrian desert and how it continued to function and thrive in such a tough environment. Teams from Norway and Syria have worked together and are believed to have solved the mystery by uncovering a system of water reservoirs. This network was used to collect and channel the yearly rainfall that came from seasonal storms and use it to grow crops, providing a stable source of food even during the most hot and arid seasons.

  • The Nazca Civilization. Scientists have also recently been able to apply our improved understanding of meteorology and human influence on climate change to propose a theory about what happened to the Nazca people of Peru, who seem to have disappeared around the year 500 AD. Current thinking is that the Nazca, who were responsible for the famous giant Nazca lines, brought about their own destruction through deforestation. Great swathes of huarango trees were cut down to allow for farming, and this had an irreparable impact on the environment. Without the trees, the quality of soil dropped so dramatically that it became impossible to grow food. As a result, the land simply became untenable as a living location and this, combined with a major El Nino weather event, led to a catastrophic end for the Nazca.


What does the future hold?

Reaction to the solving of such myths is, not surprisingly, mixed. On the one hand, people are generally inherently interested in knowing the truth and are pleased when science can provide them with this in the most unequivocal way. They are delighted with the enhanced knowledge this offers and are keen to know more. Contrastingly, other parties would prefer certain mysteries to remain unsolved and feel like science somehow removes the magic of such stories.

Despite this, the momentum behind such projects continues to grow, and as there is no shortage of myths and legends left to explore, we can almost certainly look forward to some fascinating new research for some time yet.

Opening up a new business: what you need to know

If you are preparing to start your own business, there are many important things to plan beforehand, including finance, staffing and office equipment. Thousands of people across the country start new businesses every day, so it is important that you work on all aspects of your business before launching in order to have the best possible chance of success.

Potential financial issues

There are certain financial issues you might face when looking to start a new business. The first thing you need to do is determine how you will cover the required costs to start your business; you may have the necessary finances yourself or you may need to borrow money. If you do need to borrow money there are a range of methods to do so, including the following:

  • Taking out a commercial loan with a bank.
  • Taking out a small business loan through an alternative lender such as SBA or CAN Capital.
  • Borrowing money from family or friends.
  • Venture capital.
  • Angel investors.
  • Launching a crowdfunding campaign.

It is very important that you have hard facts to determine how much capital your business will need in order to take off. You can find this out through information from similar businesses, suppliers, trade associations and business startup guides. You may also get finance advice and support through investors, or even your bank.

What kind of people do you want to work for you?

Most businesses need to recruit staff, so you need to determine what kind of people your new business should be looking to hire, and you need to give your hiring process the same level of focus that you would give all other aspects of your business. Employing people with experience can cost more, but they may be able to give you some new ideas and perspectives as well as saving you money on training. On the other hand, employing eager new staff may also work depending on your customers’ needs and how much training and support you are able to supply. You need to decide what kind of people will work best for your company in the long run.

What tools do you need to make your business grow?

Depending on your business, you need to plan what equipment and tools you will require; you may need to find premises, computers, printers, desks, office furniture and more. You will also have to think about a phone system to use within your office, perhaps a hosted ip pbx such as http://primus.ca/business/phone/hosted-pbx/ which makes use of cloud-based technology, helps you grow your business and allows you to add users and locations easily. This needs to be taken into consideration when planning your business finances. The location and the look of your business premises can be important when attracting customers, so you need to plan carefully.

There are many things to consider when starting your own business, and having a business plan that covers every aspect is vitally important before you begin trading. Fortunately, there are informative sources including online sites, bank advisors and even other business owners that can help you along the way to successfully launching your new venture.

Making A Boat Of Plastic Bottles

A plastic bottle is a bottle made out of plastic. Plastic bottles are usually used to store liquids such as water, soft drinks, motor oil, cooking oil, medicine, shampoo, milk, and ink. The size ranges from very small sample bottles to large carboys.

Plastic bottles were first used commercially in 1947, but remained relatively expensive until the early 1960s when high-density polyethylene was introduced.

They quickly became popular with both manufacturers and customers due to their lightweight nature and relatively low production costs compared with glass bottles. Except for wine and beer, the food industry has almost completely replaced glass with plastic bottles.

There is an ongoing concern as to the use of some plastics in consumer food packaging solutions. The environmental impact of the disposal of these products, as well as concerns regarding consumer safety, are still debated.

Plastic water bottles are regulated by the FDA. The FDA periodically samples bottled water and also inspects bottled water plants. Plastic water bottle plants hold a low priority for inspection due to a continuously good safety record.  

Bicycle With An Unique Security System

A bicycle, but most time it is just called a bike, is a human-powered, pedal-driven, single-track vehicle, having two wheels attached to a frame, one behind the other. A bicycle rider is called a cyclist, or bicyclist.

Bicycles were introduced in the 19th century in Europe and, as of 2003, number more than a billion worldwide, twice as many as automobiles. They are the principal means of transportation in many different regions.

They also provide a popular form of recreation, and have been adapted for use as children’s toys, general fitness, military and police applications, courier services, and bicycle racing.

The basic shape and configuration of a typical upright, or safety bicycle, has changed little since the first chain-driven model was developed around 1885.

But many details have been improved, especially since the advent of modern materials and computer-aided design. These have allowed for a proliferation of specialized designs for many types of cycling.

The bicycle’s invention has had an enormous effect on society, both in terms of culture and of advancing modern industrial methods. Several components that eventually played a key role in the development of the automobile were initially invented for use in the bicycle, including ball bearings, pneumatic tires, chain-driven sprockets, and tension-spoked wheels.

Turning A Ball Of Fur Into A Dog

Fur is a term used to reference to the hair of animals, usually mammals, particularly those with extensive body hair coverage. The term “pelage” can also be used to refer to the body hair of an animal as a complete coat.

Fur is also used to refer to animal pelts which have been processed into leather with the hair still attached. The words fur or furry are also used, more casually, to refer to hair-like growths or formations, particularly when the subject being referred to exhibits a dense coat of fine, soft “hairs.”

Animal fur, if layered, rather than grown as a single coat, may consist of short down hairs, long guard hairs, and, in some cases, medium awn hairs. Mammals with reduced amounts of fur are often called “naked”, such as naked mole rat and naked dogs.

An animal with commercially valuable fur is known within the fur industry as a furbearer. The use of fur as clothing and/or decoration is considered controversial by some people: most animal welfare advocates object to the trapping and killing of wildlife and to the confinement and killing of animals on fur farms.

Fur has been a major challenge for 3D computer graphics artists due to its visual complexity and physical properties. The first movie that managed to create realistic fur with CGI was Pixar’s 2001 film Monsters, Inc.

The Only Shop That Sells Stitched Products

Retail is the sale of goods and services from individuals or businesses to the customers. Retailers are part of an integrated system that is known as the supply chain. A retailer purchases goods or products in large quantities from manufacturers directly or through a wholesale, and then sells products to the consumer for a profit. Retailing can be done in either fixed locations like stores or markets, door-to-door or by delivery. In the 2000s, an increasing amount of retailing is done using online websites, electronic payment, and then delivered via a courier or via other services.

Retailing includes subordinated services, such as delivery. The term “retailer” is also applied where a service provider services the needs of a large number of individuals, such as for the public. Shops may be on residential streets, streets with few or no houses or in a shopping mall. Shopping streets may be for pedestrians only. Sometimes a shopping street has a partial or full roof to protect customers from precipitation. Online retailing, a type of electronic commerce used for business-to-consumer transactions and mail order, are forms of non-shop retailing.

Shopping in general refers to the act of buying products. Sometimes this is done to obtain necessities such as food and clothing; sometimes it is done as a recreational activity. Recreational shopping often involves window shopping (just looking, not buying) and browsing and does not always result in a purchase.

The role of philanthropy in fighting global diseases

It is important for successful business leaders to give back to the worldwide community. Philanthropic efforts play a large role in combating the devastating effects of global diseases. Over the years, a lot more work has been accomplished towards disease eradication than perhaps would have been, thanks to the generous donations of corporate benefactors. Many business leaders dedicate themselves to treating and eradicating a specific disease, such as cancer or AIDS. In some cases, someone close to the philanthropist may have suffered from the disease. Here are a few of the highly successful philanthropists working towards a brighter and healthier future throughout the world:

Wesley and Lynn Edens


Milwaukee Buck’s owner Wesley Edens and his wife Lynn contributed $2 million to create an endowed professorship known as the Edens Professorship in Global Health, at Macalester College. The first professorship will concentrate on health and medical geography. This position will allow for a better analysis of the geography of infectious diseases all over the world. The Edens Professorship will help others meet the challenges of disease treatment and prevention for a better worldwide future.

Bill and Melinda Gates

Bill Gates is famous all over the world for being the head of Microsoft. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has contributed millions of dollars to give people all over the world the chance to rise from poverty. This includes better education and easier access to treatment of devastating medical conditions and diseases.

The Abbot Fund

The Abbott Fund has invested $337 million in healthcare programs around the world. Their recent projects include building a better healthcare system in Tanzania and improving services offered to uninsured Americans. They also make an effort to improve health education so the risk of contracting a disease is reduced as much as possible.

Small changes lead to larger ones

Even those with small businesses can help improve the health of others through philanthropy. A fund-raiser for the local children’s hospital or contributing to a scholarship fund for students wishing to pursue a medical degree can help fight infectious diseases. As your business grows in level of success, you can adjust how much you contribute to your favorite causes. Small contributions add up over time – no philanthropic effort is too small. Encourage those at your place of work or your business to volunteer time to nonprofit organizations, or suggest charity projects that everyone can get involved with.

Science of speed: the incredible tech behind today’s racing cars

Technology has become a force for change across many different sectors, and motor sport is no different in that sense. Indeed, it was technology, in the guise of the combustion engine, that gave rise to motor sports in the first place, and today’s racing cars continue to draw on technological change.


It is all about performance in motor racing, so key technologies include those that better enable cars to accelerate quickly, retain their grip on the road or track surface, and corner effectively.

In motor racing, and Formula 1 in particular, aerodynamics play a central role in performance optimization. With improved aerodynamics, engineers are hoping to achieve two goals. The first is better down force in order to “push” the vehicle further onto the road surface and boost performance when cornering. The second goal relates to the wings of a Formula 1 car. When air moves over both sides of a wing, there is a difference in pressure created as a result of the different speeds in airflow. The wing will move with the direction of the lower pressure and create lift on the vehicle as it corners.

Energy is another area of motor sport where technology is critical. For example, a kinetic energy recovery system collects the waste energy produced when a vehicle brakes, turns it into electrical energy, and uses that energy for acceleration purposes.

An ongoing challenge in the development of racing cars is to get vehicles to go faster while at the same time ensuring they handle the road surface better. This is where such companies as Transducer Techniques have a vital role to play. With Transducer Techniques’ load cells, incredibly precise technologies are at work to monitor the performance of cars and to ensure that every single piece of the machine is being optimized. In motor racing, the difference between winning a race and coming second can often be measured in sub-seconds, so anything that can help optimize performance is welcome. Load cells are sensors for the purposes of measuring gauge strain. On their own, load cells operate passively, so they must be connected into a second device, such as a computer, to produce any meaningful data for vehicle performance purposes. Using load cell technology, vehicle engineers can determine the weight supported by each tire as well as the movement of the wheels as the vehicle is being driven. Data produced by load cells enables engineers to see how the vehicle responds to each turn and how it performs at different speeds. Engineers can then make adjustments to improve performance.

Load cells are used in the main to support suspension systems, but engineers are finding other purposes for them. Load cells can be deployed in the measurement of force on a gearstick in order to determine impact on wear of the transmission. Load cells can also be used to measure braking performance because the brakes in a racing car respond to pressure applied by drivers as opposed to pedal travel.

In the future, racing car design promises to be even more technological, with techniques that have not even been thought of as yet likely to play a part in ensuring speed and maximum performance.

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