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May 27, 2016

Bacon Bazooka

Have you ever heard of bacon bazooka? Hey, I am not joking or letting out weird news or confusing statements, as bacon bazooka is the most strange and ridiculous creation at this year’s Bacon Day. The bazooka was not a mere symbolic bazooka but it also operates in the same way as an ordinary bazooka works. It can be termed as one of the freakiest and most funny weapon ever made by anyone in this universe. The bazooka is 3 feet long and is operated with a battery.




The bazooka gets ready to rock by flipping the illuminated switch of this funny weapon. It pre alerts everyone that it is equipped and ready to shoot. Another momentary switch is also prepared in the bazooka that acts as the trigger of this weapon. For an additional fun, you can launch a rocket or sausage with this bacon bazooka. However, the weapon is only capable of launching model rockets and not the real ones




Almost 15 pounds of bacon is used in making such a ridiculous sausage firer. The bacon used to make this weird weapon was past expiry date and was specially donated to build such a ludicrous bludgeon at Annual Bacon Day. So, enjoy the photos of this wacky bazooka rocket launcher.


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