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August 19, 2019

A Little Bit Weird and Creepy Christmas


‘Tis the Season to be Jolly!  Well, it certainly is – but for some, they prefer their Christmas to be a little bit weird.  And, occasionally downright creepy.  Here’s my pick of those winter gems…

Let’s start with the underwear pressie… and this must qualify as one of the most unsettling ads.

When it comes to ornaments the East Europeans do it best.

Or how about this American bauble oddity? According to LA at Home the ornament sprouting feet represents the fusion of ‘the animate and inanimate, the natural and the commercial, the end of winter and the beginning of the spring.’  Okayyyy.

Not impressed? Perhaps size matters? Then opt for this neighbour-impressing garden bauble.

Wanting to completely freak out your guests and relatives?  Then look no further than this Christmas tree decoration. A ‘Baby Angel’…

Outside you might want to put this on your roof.  Or maybe not.

Going to your town centre you might see this large bear decoration – what is it with those eyes?!

Christmas parties are all about having fun and this means dressing up.  Get your sprogling in on the act in this rather tasteful/horrible (delete as appropriate) roast turkey costume.

Crikey. This one’s a bit cuter.

Part of the seasonal shopping experience is taking your child to a Shop Santa.  Just be careful which one you choose.

When it comes to sending cards you can go for familiar scenes or you can go truly traditional with this Christmas Pigs card.

Or perhaps something more fun?

And to finish off let’s take a look at a couple of odder gifts.

How about this ad for the Gillette Safety Razor?

Been watching Alien?

If all this cold weather gives you the sniffles then perhaps this is the ideal gift?

You like music? You love you iPod?  You take it everywhere with you?

What, everywhere?

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