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October 21, 2019

Old Cameras That Are Used As Nightlights

A nightlight is a small light fixture, often electrical, placed for comfort or convenience in dark areas or areas that may become dark at certain times, such as in an emergency. Small long-burning candles serving a similar function are referred to as teal lights.
People often use nightlights for the sense of security which having a light on provides, and for a solution against nyctophobia (fear of the dark). Besides their usefulness to children in the allaying of their fears, nightlights are also useful to the general public by showing the general layout of a room without turning on a major light, for avoiding tripping over stairs or obstacles, or to mark an emergency exit. Exit signs often use tritium in the form of a traser.
There are a wide variety of electrical nightlights. Most based on incandescent bulbs have a power usage of less than 10 watts; lights based on more efficient technologies, such as electroluminescence, neon lamps, or LEDs, use one watt or less. They sometimes have a light-sensitive component (such as a photo resistor) which activates them only when it is dark enough for them to be required or activate automatically in dark weather. Some include an integrated rechargeable battery so that the light will continue to function during power outages.

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