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November 21, 2019

Canned Food Art

There are many forms of art, but the person thought of creating art out of canned food must have been a genius. Not just with regard to the concept, but with the execution of it as well. There is an International Design Competition held annually which invites participants to create art out of canned food. They are given about 8 to 12 weeks to create their exhibit. What happens to them when the winner is announced? Well, they all get donated to food banks. How innovative! Art with a social conscience is indeed to be enjoyed!

In the following pictures you see, there is an exhibit of Homer and Marge Simpson watching television, as well as an exhibit of little Stewie from the Family Guy, popular American animated series. Another interesting exhibit is that of the hamburger with the mustard sauce and ketchup bottles, one of the staple American foods.

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  1. SamiTsunami says:

    Um, you forgot the Mario one…

  2. Harvey Sugahara says:

    Actually the New York Jets are one of the top three strongest Super Bowl contenders at the moment. I would make a Superbowl futures bet on them while the odds are really high.

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