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April 2, 2020

14 Awesome Fireworks Vs Lighting

Sometimes nature really does put on quite a show, a knock ‘em dead kind of event. From colossal waves taller than buildings, volcano’s spraying molten lava 100s of feet into the air to tornado’s that pick up whole towns and scatter them for miles. She also has some natural shows that lack this type of devastation and that although still dangerous, are more about awe than terror.

This collection shows Mother Nature showing off her light shows as a backdrop to our artificial light shows, fireworks. We have decided to rate which is best also below each, but I am sure you have your own favourites.

1. The Flower

Lighting – 8/10
Fireworks – 9/10

2. The Fizzle
Lighting – 4/10
Fireworks – 2/10

3. Cracked Sky
Lighting – 3/10
Fireworks – 10/10

4. Sky Battle
Lighting – 10/10
Fireworks – 6/10

5. Falling Sky
Lighting – 9/10
Fireworks – 9/10

7. The Line
Lighting – 2/10
Fireworks – 7/10

8. The Wheels
Lighting – 9/10
Fireworks – 9/10

9. Love
Lighting – 3/10
Fireworks – 4/10

10. Sky Fire
Lighting – 5/10
Fireworks – 4/10

11. Dandelion
Lighting – 5/10
Fireworks – 5/10

12. Blue
Lighting – 2/10
Fireworks – 2/10

13. Splash
Lighting – 1/10
Fireworks – 3/10

14. The Figure
Lighting – 4/10
Fireworks – 9/10

Roasted usually writes for music sites and travels around on Virgin trains to get his kicks, basically because of the wi-fi. He has also spends time on Red Room and Facebook to see if he is on any of the V Festival footage.

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5 Most Dangerous Street Gangs in USA

Street gangs in USA have a long history for being brutal, violent and dangerous. The early groups were said to have formed as a way to protect families and localities but later their activities took violent turns leading to formation of street gangs. The street gangs include Hispanics, blacks, whites, bikers and     a small percentage of Asians as well.

!8th Street Gang

!8th Street Gang is the largest street gang consisting of Hispanic members. It is said to have about 20 separate groups operating under the same name in different cities. They can be easily recognized by their tattoos which has 18 written in different ways. Some even have BEST tattooed which stands for Barrio Eighteenth STreet. The gang is sophisticated and very organized. They are generally involved in street crime but there have also been a mention of them being involved in murder for hire, drug trafficking, vandalism, etc.

People Nation

People Nation is a street gang that has alliances with a lot of other street gangs all over the US. While most African American gangs embraced Islamic doctrines, the People Nation adopted catholic ones. Latin Kings, Black P Stones, Bloods, etc. were the street gangs associated with People Nation. They use graffiti, hand signs, symbols to represent themselves. They use all symbols on their left side.

Black P Stones

Black P Stones is a black street gang based in Chicago. It has over 42,000 members. It has 7 branches in Chicago which go by different names. Even though they are based in Woodlawn neighborhood, their activities are also seen in a lot of other urban areas all over the US. It is involved in drug trafficking along with other street crimes. They were also involved in buying firearms for terrorist activities. BPS first started to associate with Islam in 1970 and ever since they have a strong Islamic foundation. They have different ways of identifications depending on whether they have a Chicago or Californian influence.

The Bloods

The Bloods is another street gang with black membership. They can be recognized by some symbols and hand signs. Their influence is seen all over US. They are dangerous and use violence to assert their power. They are not very organized and a lot of slashings have been reported during robberies. Teenagers are also recruited by this gang and some members in their thirties can also be seen here. The number 5, a five pointed star or a crown is their symbol. They also insult other gangs by drawing their symbols upside down.

The Latin Kings

The Latin Kings is one of the largest street gangs and consists of Hispanic membership. It is said to have a membership of 25,000 in Chicago and around 15,000 in other areas. It started as a group that fights against oppression but evolved to become one of the most dangerous criminal groups in US. They are very brutal in their activities and are feared all over US. It has only male membership for a long time and once the women were added, they were named Latin queens.

Top 5 Real Tunnel Prison Escapes

Wars have not only resulted into surplus shedding of blood on the battle fields but have also had their histories of dominance and captivity of the enemy soldiers. The natives of the foreign land put behind the bars, tortured, forced into labor or even killed, this has been a common plight found to be seen in the dark dirty corners of the prisons. While many prisoners spent their entire lives slogging and cursing their destiny that caged them forever within the stoned walls of their cells, many had the courage and the valor to make their way out and attain their much deserved freedom. Some of the below mentioned prison escapes present the same zeal and audacity of the daring prisoners to break the shackles, work the logistics, dig out their tunnels, prepare for the worst and win back forever their long lost liberty.

Island Farm

image source

Island farm, a Prisoner of War Camp (Camp 198) on the outskirts of the town of Bridgend, South Wales was home to the greatest escape by German prisoners during the World War 2. History holds account of two escape tunnels dug in the camp. While the first was spotted in  January 1945, the prisoners managed to conceal the second tunnel until 11 March 1945, when around 67, 70, or 84 prisoners escaped from the camp. It is not known who masterminded the entire escape but with astutely divided groups and each member equipped with a homemade compass, map, identity papers and food, prisoners managed to flee to as far as 120 miles. However all were later recaptured.

Stalag Luft III

image source

Stalag Luft III was a German prison camp for flying officers that held about 2500 Royal Air Force officers and about 7500 U. S. Army Air Corps Officers. The site had been so selected at it remained less prone to tunnel escapes, however ironically, the camp is well known for two most famous prison escapes via tunnel. The idea was coined and formulated by Squadron Leader Roger Bushell RAF in 1943 with finally coming to fruition in March 24–25, 1944. Fighting against all the odds of digging a tunnel, the prisoners managed to dig three different tunnels in the camp. The 30 feet deep and 2 feet wide tunnel helped 76 prisoners to escape from the camp, out of which 73 were captured again.

Libby Prison Escape

Image source

There hasn’t been as heroic and successful even in the history of prison escapes as that of the Libby prison that won 109 of its prisoners their liberty. A well planned and organized conduct by the group of Union soldiers dug the tunnel for 17 days and then carried out the escape cleverly under the nose of the prison guards on February 9 and February 10, 1864. The escape was said tobe headed by Col Rose.

1995 Vellore Fort Jailbreak

image source

A very jolting experience for India was when 43 members of a Sri Lankan rebel group escaped from Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India on 15 August 1995. A 153-foot-long (47 m) tunnel dug in the prison helped 43 Tamil Tiger inmates to escape, however 21 of them were recaptured within a few weeks.

Moises Teixeira da Silva

image source

Lastly a convicted robber ,,Moises Teixeira da Silva engraved his names on the stone walls of prison history when he escaped São Paulo, Brazil’s Carandiru prison with about 100 others through a tunnel in 2001. At that time, Moises was serving a 25-year sentence in the prison.

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World Geekiest Festival Comic Con

The city of Baltimore in the US recently hosted the 11th Comic Con Festival. This festival is the little brother of the ‘International Comic-Kona Festival’ held every year in San Diego. This festival is meant to be a celebration of comic books and everything associated with them. It is of course a great time for comic book fans, who dress up as their favorite comic book characters, apparently as part of a contest. Take a look at the pictures below and choose for yourself who the winner of your Comic Book Look-Alike Character should be.

As you see the pictures, you will come across many manifestations of super heroes as well as super villains. Inspiration is drawn from comic books from many different parts of the world and there truly is an eclectic collection of comic book characters at the festival including Super Girl, Yoda, X Men, etc.

Miniature Weapons from Cold War

If you have read spy novels, especially from the Cold War era, no doubt that you have come across a number of miniature camouflage weapons in those novels. However, you may be surprised to learn that these weapons do not only exist in fiction. They are made in reality as well. Whether they are actually used or not, is anybody’s guess. Take a look at the pictures below to see for yourself some ingenious weaponry on a miniature scale.

There are clocks, locks, pens, lighters and finger rings that can become a deadly revolver. Many innocuous looking things that can be fatal in the hands of merchants of death are featured here. You would never guess that they are anything other than what they appear to be, and then you would be in for a rude awakening. But, however admirable their craftsmanship and design may be, it is important to remember that they are weapons, after all.

The Stockholm Metro Amazing Artworks

The Stockholm Metro is undoubtedly one of the most artistic subway systems in the world. It is not for nothing that it is called the world’s ‘longest art gallery’. Artists, painters and sculptors have been given the opportunity to convert 90 of the 100 subways in the system as a display of their various arts. The result is that the subways are adorned by wall reliefs, frescos, graffiti and many other forms of art, making the subways absolutely unique and uncharacteristic. There is an array of splendid colors and designs to behold and it is honestly a wonder that people make it on time to wherever they are going- considering how easy it to lose track of time while admiring these fantastic surroundings.

Every subway has a theme along whose lines the décor is created. While some emphasize the underground nature of the subway by using caves as a backdrop, some create contrast by having sky-themed cubes protruding from walls, floors and ceilings.

The Stockholm Metro is the metro system in Stockholm, Sweden. The system has 100 stations in use, of which 47 are underground and 53 above ground. There are seven lines numbered from 10 to 19, in three groups identified by a color: the Green, Red and Blue Lines. Each colour line has two or three numbered lines on shared sections through the Stockholm City Centre.

The metro system is owned by the Stockholm County Council through Storstockholms Lokaltrafik. Operation was contracted to Veolia Transport until 1 November 2009, after which MTR Corporation took over.

The decision to build a metro was made in 1941. The following years, some routes were built with near metro standard but operated with trams. The first part of the metro was opened in 1950, when an underground tram line from 1933 was converted to metro standard. This line ran south from Slussen to Hökarängen. Over the following years, two more lines extending from Slussen (via Gullmarsplan, then Johanneshov) were opened. In 1952, a second system from Hötorget to the western suburbs was opened. In 1957, the two parts were connected via the Central station and the Old Town, forming the Green Line. The Red Line was opened in 1964, with two lines going from northeast to southwest via the city center. The third and final system, the Blue Line, was opened in 1975, with two lines running northwest from the city center. The latest addition to the whole network, Skarpnäck station, was opened in 1994.

Top 5 Wrongly Motivated Serial Killers

A child’s mind is like a loose mortar that can be transformed into any shape but stands as the most essential ingredient for the strongest foundation of a being. Whatever a man becomes in his life is not only determined by his education, but also how he has grown up as an individual. Home, neighborhood, school and workplace, a person learns from his surroundings lot more than what is spoon-fed by the learned people.
Love, care, praise, rewards have indeed boosted the morale, but there are those who have faced rejection, criticism, seclusion, trauma and various mental upheavals, that have left a deep impact on lives changing their insights. So much so that as they grow, they craft a new world around them, that has a story, its own characters, villains, heroes, a defined goal and actions, all mastered and implemented by one mind. However these people with more of a villainous motive, become a great threat to the society. The world calls them serial killers who hunt down innocent lives merely because of their wrong perception of the world and the people living around.
So lets us take a look at some the very famous serial killers who kept FBI on its toes for days, months and even years and learn what motivated these unkind actions in their life.

Herbert Williams Mullin

Son of a World War II veteran, Mullin was brought up listening to the heroic deeds of his father who also taught him to use a gun at a very young age. His life took an unexpected turn when one of his best friends died in a car accident soon after Mullin graduated from high school. He often moved in and out of various mental hospitals and finally moved to his parent’s house when he was 25. But the worse was still imminent. Mullin began to hear voices and have intuitions that guided him that an earthquake would soon devastate San Francisco and it was only sacrificing lives that could stop the disaster. According to him the carnage in Vietnam war had so far prevented the calamity but with things now soothing down, it was his time he continued to take lives to keep the earthquake away. Mullin then began his murder spree that claimed 13 lives in one year, ranging from an old man to young girls, teenage boys and others. He also killed a priest who he in his delusionary state, presumed to have offered himself as a sacrifice for Mullin’s motives. Mullin is currently facing a life time imprisonment. Image Source

David Berkowitz – Son of Sam

David Berkowitz became very famous because of his letters to the media and police that cited the reason behind his actions, taunting them with details of his offense. He said that it was because he wanted to keep the demons quite, he had committed the crimes. Berkowitz perceived the dogs as demons and believed that when they howled, they asked him to kill women. He was very convinced that his house owners, Jack and his wife, were part of the demon conspiracy and Jack was the commander in chief of all the dogs. Even after shifting to another place, he continued to be haunted by the same opinion with six people losing their lives at his hands and many others left wounded. Berkowitz received a 365 year prison sentence, and accepted that his actions were motivated partly because of his hatred for his mother for leaving him and partly his failure with women. Image Sources:  1 2

Ted Kaczynski

Infamously known as the Unabomber amongst the regulators, Kaczynski was an American mathematician and a social critic. Stupendosuly bright student, he went to Harvard University at the age of 16 and became an assistant professor at the University of California, Berkeley at age 25. However two years later, the things changed drastically. He went into a secluded house with no running water and electricity learning the ways of living a self sufficient life. Perturbed by the growing technological and infrastructural development around, Kaczynski started a mail-bombing campaign that he ran from1978 to 1995 that took away the lives of 3 people leaving 23 injured. It was only after his brother David recognized his writing in a manifesto that he asked Times or The Washington Post to publish claiming to stop his terrorist activities thereafter, that he was caught by the FBI. Image Source

Carl Eugene Watts

The child of an army personnel and a kindergarten art teacher, Watts right from his childhood fantasized about torturing and killing girls and young women. Being very dull in studies, Watt had only reached the third grade level by age of 16 and was bullied by fellow students. It was during this age that he was arrested for sexually assaulting 26-year-old Joan Gave. Soon after in his 20s, he began his serial killing targeting women between 14 and 44 years of age, by abducting them and then taking away their lives after continuous torture. He admitted to have committed the crime because he saw evil in women’s eyes. The FBI failed to locate Watts for eight years as he always hunt his prey at different cities. It was only in 1982 when he was identified and convicted for claiming 12 lives in Texas. He was later held as a suspect in 90 unsolved murders.  Image Source

Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer

This American serial killer’s actions were motivated by his aggressive nature and sexual desires. His victims (17 men and boys) usually went through a lot of tormenting, raping, dismemberment and similar nasty experiences finally losing their lives at the hands of Dahmer. He also practiced necrophilia and cannibalism and wanting to create “zombies” of his victims, stored their heads, hands and other parts in the basement of his home. Dahmer was later sentenced for 15 life imprisonments and died in 1994 on being attacked by a fellow inmate. Image Sources:   1 2

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5 most luxurious Prison Cells

What  is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear of a prison? Dark and dull walls surrounded by lots of fencing, a large gate and armed watch towers, dusty playgrounds and all this at one of the isolated corners of the city. Inside, around a 6 by 8 feet room guarded by the solid or barred doors with some furniture and fixings on walls and floor.  That’s a usual sight you would notice at prisons round the world that house the most inhumane masses who have been sentenced for imprisonment for their disrespectful and unlawful conduct in the society. However, surprisingly a few lucky criminals also get to taste the prison life with a flavor of luxury and believe or not, that even could be equivalent to living in a five star hotel.

There are a number of prisons in the world that offer the most luxuries and comfortable life to its inmates. Luxury here translates as living in a bright, spacious room with a comfortable bedding, a TV, may be a refrigerator, a study or a library in the building, a gym to stay fit, game courts to spend their leisure time and other such tidbits that a normal prison inmate can only dream of. Now that is definitely a place where our dearest Lindsay Lohan and her likes with lofty pockets, wouldn’t mind putting up. So let us take a look at the top five luxurious prisons and their lavish cells  where prisoners wouldn’t mind their sentence extended for a longer time.

5. Santa Ana Jail, Calif

The city jail is inhibited by the not so offensive criminals who can afford to pay $75 to $127 a day to stay  in clean and better surroundings, far  superior to ones found in central jails.  Also referred to as a five-star Hilton, the jail that offers 10 to 30 beds in most of its programs, allows the occupants(in some cases though)  to bring their laptops or iPods into their rooms that are good enough and comfortable.  Fine ambience with kind and civilized fellow natives , the small cells in  Santa Ana Jail are worth their fee.

4. Otago Corrections Facility, South Otago

An underfloor heating, flatscreen televisions, a library, a gymnasium and plenty of other facilities for recreation, the Otago Corrections Facility offers convict a VIP treatment. The 335-bed prison that also gets a “Milton Hilton” badge is a $218 million facility that has been built to rehabilitate prisoners by presenting a very pleasing and comfortable stay for the inhabitants.

3. Halden Prison, Norway

Offering larger than life experience for the prisoners, the Halden Prison packs a bunch of amenities for its inmates that include the sound studio, jogging trails and a freestanding two-bedroom house where they can even host their families during overnight visits. TVs, minifridges in the spacious and well lighted rooms, modest library, wraparound sofas and birch-colored coffee tables in living rooms and so on, its like a small well established town within concrete walls . The prison that has a capacity of 252 inmates also focuses upon rehabilitation of the hard core criminals to turn them into well behaved humans of society.

2. Austrian Five Star Prison

Located in city of Leoben in Austria, the Leoben Justice Centre is one of the world’s best looking prison that houses complex of courts, offices of Judges, and ofcorse a prison. Also a gym, well furnished and clean cell with a personal TV and lots of other high class amenities would tempt even the common people to commit a crime.(Count me in the list.)

1. Al Capone’s cell, Philadelphia

Yes that might leave you readers a little bewildered for keeping it on the first position.  But this one is my favorite as it dates back to 1929 when Al Capone , the king of Chicago’s underworld was held captive at Eastern State Penitentiary. While the paintless walls have another story to tell, the decor of the room reveals the luxurious life that the crime master lived during his eight years of imprisonment.

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The Abandoned AZLK Plant

The pictures show the huge abandoned AZLK plant and how it looked in 2003. You will also see age- old rusty equipment that will never be used again. It seems like a waste of a lot of investment and time. All the furniture inside seems to be wrecked and it is obvious from the pictures that nobody has been around for a long time. Some parts are still in use as you can see the smoke coming out of the tall chimneys.

The interiors show the complexity of the operation and the empty staircases were once full of activity. The outside is covered in now and so are some parts inside the plant where the roof isn’t in the best condition. From the outside, the building seems just fine. It is only when you enter that you realize how much in need of maintenance the building is.

The Top 6 Doomsday Predictions of all Time

If doomsday predictions are to be believed, the earth would’ve melted, roasted, fried, frozen and that’s just the beginning. Here’s a look at The Top Six Doomsday Predictions Of All Time:

6. Newton’s scribble


It might’ve just been a scribble, but considering that it came from one of the most renowned scientists in the world does add some value. Isaac Newton, amidst discovering the laws of the world, basically writing physics and thinking up insane possibilities, put a date to the end of the world.

He noted that on the back of an envelope that wasn’t discovered till 2003. But what if the date marking the end of the world according to arguably one of the best minds had already passed? Luckily, it was 2060. Isaac Newton, the man who invented a chunk of the math that our kids are being forced into at school, predicted that the earth would crumble in the year 2060.

5. A Prophet chips in


Don’t worry. 2010 did indeed find mention as the end all of human life. One Ronald Weinland, an American Church man predicted that 2010 will be the end of the world.

Only made a ‘messenger of God’ in 1997, Weinland quickly got his act together and shut himself up in a room. The New York based Minister, came out one sudden day, brandishing a hand written book. The book, aptly named 2008- God’s final witness broke all records for books. It was after all the Americans he was trying to convince. In this book, Weinland writes that 2010 will have “the last great day”.

4. The Y2K bug


It was as if Frankenstein would come alive. This one said that all the technology in the world would just stop working as the clock turned on midnight of 31st December, 1999, or at least that’s what all the big companies had us believe. Their justification being that the clocks in our computers were binary coded and that after 99, they’d trip to 00 and that’d confuse the all out of them, sending them in a total tizzy.

It confused us humans alright. Every time somebody wrote 00 in the year column of some form or anything of that sort, it gave them a chuckle. How foolish were we to buy that load of crap?

3. The great flop


A burly old man led his own flock up a steep mountain promising them the secret of life and its miracles. What the flock didn’t expect at all was a date marking the end of the world. Given that the shepherd was a Baptist priest, they had reason to flock beneath him.

William Miller said in 1844 that the second coming was arriving. Jesus Himself would land on earth and teach us all a lesson on life, said the deluded Miller. Forced to pick a date for this earth shattering moment, the reluctant preacher fixed it on October 22nd, 1844.

The date did bring things to an end, but sadly for Miller, not the world. Seeing that nothing actually happened, his flock curtly deserted him.

2. Mormon madness


While this might not necessarily be madness, it was about the Mormons. In 1835, Joseph Smith founded the Mormon Church. He assembled a bunch of people, called them the leaders of his Church. He then went on to boldly claim that he knew about the end of the world.

God, he said, had spoken to him. Smith went on to say that God told him that the world was going to face a terrible, painful end. Smith said that within the next 56 years (within 1891) Jesus would reappear to mark the Judgement day. This he called “The end time”. It never came of course.

1. The Mayan’s get preachy


The Mayans are an ancient South American civilization. They were quite prosperous at being a race. Living between 2500 BC and 250 BC (which is considered the classical age), they excelled in science, math and arts.

That’s exactly why their word isn’t taken lightly. Movies are being made on their prophecy. Books have been written and theorists have come out supporting and vehemently denying their claim.

They seem to have run out of stone while making their calendar (considering that they had enough stone to chart out 2000 odd years after their time!), and it stops on December 12, 2012. This is, if one of the most prosperous civilizations in human history is to be believed, will be the last day of humans.

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