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September 16, 2019

The 5 Most Notable Examples of Demonic Possession and Exorcism

All major religions do include belief in existence of demons. Demons are described as spiritual beings who cannot be seen by humans because they are not created from visible materials. Despite the fact that all monotheistic religions condemn any contact with demons and their interference with humans, the demon possession of a human being is not so rare instance. Some psychical diseases like schizophrenia are often linked to demonic possession. For example, Christianity and Islam have pretty detailed methods of curing those who are possessed. Of course, non-believers will deny even the existence of such creatures, but we are not going to discus that in this article.

We are going to write here about some of known examples of possible demonic possession and most of them teach us that playing with Satanic rituals and similar thing never ends good even if plenty of media are showing those things like funny and entertaining. If you want to stay away from troubles, do not try any kind of Satanic ritual or speaking with dead or demons because all that you can get are serious problems which often can have fatal consequences.

1.Anneliese Michel

Anneliese Michel was woman from Germany who claimed that she was possesed by demons. She was raised in Chatolic family. She noticed first signs of demonic possesion when she was 16. She started to get epileptic attacks and then some hallucinations too. After the regular medicine methods were not showing any results, she was treated by local bishop exorcist who used Catholic methods in order to cure her from possesion.

Unfortunatelly, those sessions weren’t so succesfull and Michel died when she was 23 while she was sleeping. The official cause of death is believed to be maltruntion and dehydration because she started to refuse food months before her death.

2.George Lutkins

George Lutkins is male from England who was known by his strange behavior which was often described as demonic possession. He was a tailor in the village of Mendip in Yatton and one of his neighbors have asked from local pastor to try to help him because he had strange behavior which included singing strange songs with changing voices and some of them sounded completely different than his real voice. He was previously examined by doctors but without any visible results. Lutkins himself has claimed that he is possessed by seven demons and that he needs seven exorcists to cure him. Several exorcists including Rev. Joseph Easterbrook have tried to cure him in 1778 and that attempt has allegedly brought success. After a session where priests were saying prays in front of him the demons left his body and he was claimed to be very calm and happy man after that.

3. Robbie Mannheim

Robbie Mannheim is known as man who has been possessed and successfully exorcised and cured from demonic possession. His experience which was followed by some media have been a base for the William Peter Blatty’s novel ‘The Exorcist’. He had problems with demons possession when he was young boy. His problems started after he spent one night with his grandmother. During that night they started to hear strange dripping noises and at some point the painting of Jesus which was hanged on the wall haws started to shake. Eleven days after that mysterious event happened his aunt died. Robbie was very related to his aunt and her death devastated him. He was so desparate that he tried to contact her in some way and those efforts to contact his dead aunt has brought him a lot of troubles and were a cazse of demonic possession. Young Robbie was examined by medics and psychiatric experts but they couldn’t help him much. After medicine didn’t offer anything promising, his family brought him to a clergyman Rev. Luther Miles Schluze who kept the boy for a night in order to examine his case. The clergyman has reported that he noticed a lot of strange activities including moving of stuff in room which occurred when they went to sleep. He has been allegedly cured by Rev. William S. Bowdern after two-month long therapy which included about thirty sessions of exorcism.

4. Michael Taylor

Michael Taylor is male from the Ossett town in Britain who has been involved in a few of instances which could lead to conclusion that he had problems with demonic possession. He was a member of local Christian Fellowship Group and he started to behave strange against the leader of the group, Marie Robinson. He attacked her verbally and later admitted that he felt evil within him. After his behavior was worse and worse, the local vicar has decided to try to cure him with the help of other ministers. They have tried a few of Christian methods of exorcism on him but that didn’t brought some success and the whole session which lasted for a few of hours has exhausted the priests so they let him to return his home. After Michael came back to his home he has murdered his wife and their dog. He was found naked and covered by blood.

5.Clara Germana Cele

Clara Germana Cele was a young woman from South Africa when she has been possessed by demons in 1906 after she made a pact with Satan. She confessed her pact with the devil during the confession to the Father Horner Erasmus. During the possession she spoke the languages she never knew before, and she also had very strange cries which shocked all who saw her during her strange behavior. She was producing very strange voices which were not similar to any human or animal voices. Some people who witnessed her strange behavior reported that she was found in a few of occasion levitating vertically and horizontally. After two local priests performed an exorcism on her, she had been allegedly cured from the possession. During the act of exorcism she was very violent and she once reacted by taking the Bible from priests hands and attempted to choke him with it.

The Jackal VS Vulture Fight

In the pictures you will see a jackal trying to get some food out of the vulture’s claws. The vulture doesn’t even seem scared of the jackal. It probably knows that its beak and claws can hurt the animal enough to make it back away which is exactly what happened. The vulture gives it a nip in the nose and you will see that it doesn’t dare get close after that.

In the wild, food is hard to come by for all animals and when they do, they do all they can to keep it for themselves and this is one such case. Vultures are large birds of prey and if you look at the pictures it looks as big as the jackal and its sharp beaks are obviously not to be messed with. The jackal still seems to want to stick around for the scraps at the end.

The Unexplained Horrors and Hauntings

  • Amityville

THE MOST FAMOUS and horrific ghoststory of the last century must be that of 112 Ocean Avenue, in Amityville,New York. The terrifying tale has beenturned into a best-selling book andsuccessful film, and captured the public’sattention like no other haunting There is no doubt that some awful events did take place in the building,but were they really caused by ghostlyactions?

In June 1965 the DeFeo family bought thehouse. They were an unhappy family and thefather, Ronald DeFeo Sr., was known to be abusive. Over a period of nine years thefamily was not said to experience any type off rightening event other than those inflictedby paternal forces. However that all changedon the night of the 18th of November 1974when one son, Ronald DeFeo Jr., shot and killed his mother, father, two brothers and two sisters.Just over a year later, in December 1975, a young couple bought the house. George and Kathy Lutz, and her three children moved in, knowing the building’s terrible history.

Almost immediately they began experiencing strange phenomena. Doors and windows would open by themselves, bizarre noises were heard, and a Catholic priest who had come to exorcise the house was ordered to get out by a devilish voice. Things rapidly grew worse. Blood and sticky goo oozed from the walls, clouds of flies appeared on windows, ghostly hooded apparitions manifested, and one of the children started communicating with a demonic pig called Jodie.

One night Kathy Lutz was even thrown from her bed by a supernatural force, and it was famously claimed that the face of the devil appeared in the brickwork of the fireplace. The Amityville Horror Conspiracy, was eventually published some years after his death. Many investigators and cynics have been led to conclude that the whole case really revolved around money, rather than the popular perception of paranormal influences. It seems the evil forces in this story have less to do with supernatural unknowns, and more with all too common, base human (Image Sources:  1 , 2 , 3 )


  • Borley Rectory

The first alleged paranormal events for which there are accounts apparently occurred at around 1863, since a few locals later remembered hearing unexplained footsteps within the house at about this date. On 28 July 1900, four of the daughters of the rector reported seeing what they thought was the ghost of a nun from 40 yards’ distance near the house in twilight: they tried to talk to it, but it disappeared as they got closer.

The local organist recalled that, at about that date, the family at the rectory were ‘… very convinced that they had seen an apparition on several occasions’.  Various people would claim to witness a variety of puzzling incidents, such as a phantom coach driven by two headless horsemen, through the next four decades. Henry Dawson Ellis Bull died in 1892 and his son, the Reverend Harry Bull, took over the living. In 1911, he married a younger divorcée, Ivy, and the couple moved with her daughter to nearby Borley Place until 1920 (when he took over the rectory), while his unmarried sisters moved to Chilton Lodge a few miles away.

On 9 June 1927, the rector, Harry Bull, died and the rectory again became vacant. In the following year, on 2 October, the Reverend Guy Eric Smith and his wife moved into the home. One day, soon after moving in, Mrs Smith was cleaning out a cupboard when she came across a brown paper package, inside which was the skull of a young woman. Shortly after, the family would report a variety of incidents including the sounds of servant bells ringing (on which the strings had been cut), lights appearing in windows and unexplained footsteps. In addition, Mrs Smith believed she saw a horse-drawn carriage at night.

The Smiths contacted The Daily Mirror to ask them to put them in touch with the Society for Psychical Research. On 10 June 1929, the newspaper sent a reporter who promptly wrote the first of a series of articles detailing the mysteries of Borley. The paper also arranged for Harry Price, a paranormal researcher, to make his first visit to the place which would ultimately make his name famous. He arrived on 12 June. Immediately, objective “phenomena” of a new kind appeared, such as the throwing of stones, a vase and other objects. “Spirit messages” were tapped out from the frame of a mirror. As soon as Harry Price left, these ceased. Mrs Smith later maintained that she then suspected Harry Price, an expert conjurer, of causing the phenomena. (Image Sources:  1 , 2 , 3 )

  • Hampton CourtPalace

Hampton Court Palace, with its 500 years of history, has seen many dramatic royal events from the death of Henry VIII’s third wife, Jane Seymour, to the condemnation and house arrest of his fifth, Catherine Howard, for adultery. Over the centuries, staff, visitors, workmen and residents have experienced strange phenomena for which there is often no practical explanation. Many of these experiences have been recorded, the better known of which are below.

Catherine Howard and The Haunted Gallery -The hauntings of Catherine Howard, fifth wife of King Henry VIII, at Hampton Court Palace are so well known that the Haunted Gallery was given its spine-tingling name.

Jane Seymour wanders in Clock Court – Catherine Howard isn’t Henry VIII’s only wife whose presence is still felt at Hampton Court. His third and favourite wife, Jane Seymour, died at the palace following complications after the birth of Henry’s only son, Edward, in 1537. Jane is said to walk through the cobbled courtyard of Clock Court carrying a lighted taper.

Sibell Penn and ‘The Lady in Grey’ – Sibell Penn was nurse to Prince Edward, Henry VIII’s only son. She died in 1562 and was buried in a nearby Hampton church. When the old  church was pulled down in 1829, Sibell Penn’s remains were disturbed and it is said that she returned to the rooms she inhabited during her time at Hampton Court Palace. The sound of a spinning wheel could be heard from behind a wall in the south-west wing of the palace shortly afterwards. When the wall was demolished, a small forgotten room was found, containing an old spinning wheel.

The Wolsey Closet Dog –  This Wolsey Closet has long been commented on by visitors, warders and other staff as having a “strange atmosphere”. A caterer at an evening function refused to enter the little alcove in the room because he felt it was “evil”.  (Image Sources:  1 , 2 , 3 )


  • The Mary Celeste

The Mary Celeste was a brigantine merchant ship notably discovered in December 1872 in the Atlantic Ocean unmanned and apparently abandoned, despite the fact that the weather was fine and her crew had been experienced and able seamen. The Mary Celeste was in seaworthy condition and still under sail heading towards the Strait of Gibraltar. She had been at sea for a month and had over six months’ worth of food and water on board. Her cargo was virtually untouched and the personal belongings of passengers and crew were still in place, including valuables. The crew was never seen or heard from again. Their disappearance is often cited as the greatest maritime mystery of all time.

The fate of her crew has been the subject of much speculation. Theories range from alcoholic fumes, to underwater earthquakes, to waterspouts, to paranormal explanations involving hypothetical extraterrestrial, unidentified flying objects, sea monsters, and the hypothetical phenomena of the Bermuda Triangle. The Mary Celeste is often described as the archetypal ghost ship, since she was discovered derelict without any apparent explanation, and her name has become a synonym in popular culture for similar occurrences.

Some writers suggest that the crew of the Dei Gratia murdered those on board and then fabricated the story of the ghost ship to secure the salvage rights. However, once again there was no sign of struggle and nothing of value had been taken. When the Dei Gratia presented the Mary Celeste to the British authorities in Gibraltar, the ship was intact and her manifests and inventories full and accounted for.

Further, the captain of the Dei Gratia was an old friend of Captain Briggs, which makes his murdering Briggs, his wife and their two-year-old daughter unlikely. The Mary Celeste sailed one week before the Dei Gratia and Moorehead would not have been able to overtake the Mary Celeste. The Court Inquiry praised the crew of the Dei Gratia for their courage and seamanship in effecting the salvage.  (Image Sources:  1 , 2 , 3 )

  • Waterworks Valley

in the parish of St Lawrence in the Channel Island of Jersey, is named after the great number of reservoirs and pumping stations found along it. Even in the daytime, it is a brooding, haunting place, overcast as it is by a thick layer of trees and foliage. It is damp and dark, and people are often forgiven for seeing or hearing things. Sometimes there is no mistaking the ghostly sights and sounds that occur.

Countless people have seen it pass by, and even more have run away after hearing it approach. This, they say, is the Phantom Carriage’. The stories often follow a similar pattern. Usually the events occur in the evening and begin with the muffled ringing of bells – the unearthly music is said to sound more like wedding bells than anything sombre. Gradually, mixed with ringing, another noise becomes discernible. It is the sound of horses trotting along the valley, accompanied by the spinning, bumping rattles of a carriage. Emerging from the gloom, witnesses spot the procession which is clothed in eighteenth century costume. They see that the coach’s passenger is a bride in her wedding dress, but as it rolls past witnesses see the face behind the veil. It is the haggard skull of a corpse.

One tale of explanation claims that in the early eighteenth century a girl who was due to be married at St Lawrence parish church was disappointed at the altar. It is said she committed suicide that evening, and the apparition is a representation of her timeless sorrow. Another variation of the story is that she committed suicide on the eve of the wedding, but her ghostly figure appeared at the church the next day anyway. It was only as the groom lifted the veil that he noticedthe pale lifeless face of a corpse underneath.  Many people believe the phenomenon happens only once a year at a specific time.But there are so many sightings, and such vivid recollections, that perhaps this poor girl’s misery is constant and never-ending.  (Image Sources:  1 , 2 )

Underground Church Basement Filled with Sculls

The pictures are from a church in Old Churilin Arskoe District of Tatarstan and they clearly indicate that it holds a lot of secrets. You will see that the basement has skulls arranged in a checker board manned. The guide lives in a room next to the skull filled basement. The reason for the skulls to be there and for them to be arranged like that  is still a mystery and even the guide doesn’t seem to have all the answers.

As the guide shows the rest of the church, the already spooked visitor will definitely wonder that the pattern on the floor is. It is nothing but the bird droppings from the star shaped rods placed below the roof. The church remains open for all its parishioners to visit at all times. The last picture is the damaged and disintegrating tombstone in the church cemetery.

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When prom outfit goes crazy

Prom night is probably one of the most important nights to most high school kids and the level of creativity and craziness it has taken on since the past decade is commendable. Most schools now organize prom nights with wacky themes to give couples a chance to go crazy with their outfit. From Dracula inspired prom nights to prom nights promoting peace, there seems to be some message associated with this special dance event. Couples have an opportunity to get creative on and many of them even get the outfits designed and made by themselves. This along with matching shoes and accessorizes to enhance the outfit are a huge rage among the younger generation. While many choose to look prim and proper and stick to the old school outfits, a whole bunch of them are more curious to unleash their creative side and do something different with their prom night outfits.

funny prom night photos 0

funny prom night photos 1

funny prom night photos 2

funny prom night photos 3

funny prom night photos 4

funny prom night photos 5

funny prom night photos 6

funny prom night photos 7

funny prom night photos 8

funny prom night photos 9

funny prom night photos 10

funny prom night photos 11

funny prom night photos 12

funny prom night photos 13

funny prom night photos 14

funny prom night photos 15

funny prom night photos 16

funny prom night photos 17

funny prom night photos 18

funny prom night photos 19

funny prom night photos 20

funny prom night photos 21

funny prom night photos 22

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5 All-Time Favorite Cuban Cigars

Cuban cigars are the most cherished cigars today. This brand of cigars hits the market frequently with its new products. From the list of all Cuban cigars that have hit the market, we can choose the all-time favorites, a select few which have patrons who swear by them. There can always be a dispute over favorites, even with cigars. While one person loves mild cigars, the other might like medium-body cigars. Taste differs with people, yet there are a few Cuban cigars that are some of the finest and richest cigars ever to have been made. The best cigars have a distinct flavor, specialized blends and unique characteristics. The taste of the cigar is often acquired. The list of the 5 all-time favorite Cuban cigars based on the cigar experiences is given below:


Guantanamera brand of Cuban cigar is considered to be one of the best. This brand attracts many beginners, rookies starting their cigar adventure. It has a very light body and mild taste. Guantanamera originates from the Vuelta Arriba region and these cigars are priced quite competitively.

People new to Cuban cigars can try this brand for a start and can immediately fall in love with its wonderful blend. The blend of the cigar is superb and the smell is just out of the world. The blend of the cigar sticks to your palette and the taste remains in your mouth for a long time. Many consider this brand of Cuban cigars as one of the best starters on the road to smoking strong cigars. They are packed really well and are available individually as well.

Jose L. Piedra

Jose L. Piedra popular brand of Cuban cigar was originally made for only domestic consumption in Cuba. These cigars are machine-bunched and beautifully hand-finished. The cost of these cigars is quite expensive but people do buy it for their love and fetish for quality cigars.

All the Piedra cigars are considered mild to medium bodied and with a mild draw. This particular cigar has plenty of the quintessential flavor and feel and derives a lot of comparison to the ‘Montecristo No.4’. It is made in the regional factory in Santa Clara in Cuba.


Vegueros is one of the most delicious Cuban cigars. It was underrated for a really long time but gained its stature when people realized its unique characteristics. These cigars had the best value in the Habanos. The low cost of these cigars, at that time, was because the older stocks were discounted. But it has substantially increased and new cigars are being made and brought into the market. The Seoane cigar is the smallest cigar and it was available for a low price till recently. Vengueros cigars have been quietly ageing for years and this has been the reason for its high brand value. People love the complexity and difference that it has brought in amidst all new brands. The herbal flavor of the cigar has medium strength. It definitely ranks as one of the all-time favorite Cuban cigars.


Diplomaticos brand of Cuban cigars is well-balanced and can be enjoyed by any cigar smoker. The sizes available are medium to large and there is a characteristic elegance to it. The start of the cigar is usually subtle and mild with a lot of nutty notes. As it nears the end, the cigar gets a little stronger. This beautiful variation of subtlety at the start and the strong nature at the end makes it one of the all-time great Cuban cigars. You hardly come across such quality cigars that have all the ingredients of a cigar experience. The finish of this type of cigars is balanced and the flavors are usually nutty.

H. Upmann

The H. Upmann brand of cigars is as famous a brand as there is in the world of cigars. Its history dates back to 1844, when a certain gentleman called Herman Upmann began promoting cigars in specially imprinted cases. This brand has won all the awards and accolades on being one of the finest cigars ever made.

The taste and blend of the cigar is unbelievable and are quite strong on the palette. They are available in almost 200 different machine made and handmade shape and sizes. The flavor is extremely smooth and leaves a beautiful taste on the mouth. There aren’t too many in this world who denies its presence in the all-time favorite Cuban cigars category.

Abandoned Castle from Soviet Era

This beautiful castle was found in the Abkhazia region. It is one of the most beautiful remains from the Soviet era and is located near the Black Sea. The structure was constructed almost two centuries ago and had been abandoned for long time before the local government started using it for commercial purposes.

Projects of converting it into a hotel have been in talks for a while but with the intervene of the local authorities, the beauty and originality of the structure seems to be fading away with each passing day. However, because of lack of much tourist activity and financial instability, most of these projects have been left half way leaving behind a structure that has been damaged. The structure used to one of the most picturesque scenes during the Soviet era when it is said that a price used to live here. However, now what remains is the still picturesque exterior with an interior that is barren.

abandoned russian castle

And here are today’s photos:

abandoned building

russian history

russian abandoned place

Russian Castle Soviet Era

Abandoned Castle in Russia

Abandoned Places

Abandoned Architecture

Russian Architecture

Russian Casles

Scary russian building

Top 5 Scientific Experiments Gone Wrong

Do you know that we are surrounded with scientific experiments that have gone right? Yes, most of the technologies and innovations that we see and use today were once an idea that evolved as a need but gradually scientists and researchers started working on it until the experiments went right and the final product was safe and successful. However, converting one idea into reality is not a joke and it might take years for scientist to achieve something that is unimaginable. Many scientists and researchers continuously work hard in labs to get the desired results out of the experiment and the sad part is that sometimes scientific experiments go wrong and have disastrous effects on environment and human beings as well.

Vanguard Rocket Explosion

Vanguard Rocket Explosion
Vanguard Rocket Explosion

Rocket explosions are nothing new to top scientific companies because there are thousands of such cases when rockets have been blown into pieces soon after they are launched. However, Vanguard rocket expedition in 1957 was  a huge project that was supported by the United States of America and rocket exploded the very next second it was launched which means the rocket did not launched itself in air but simple burst into pieces shattering the dreams and expectations of various top scientists in USA. (image source)

Biosphere 2

Biosphere 2
Biosphere 2

Settling on moon is on top list for most NASA scientist because they want to find out if people can live on moon or any other planet where people really don’t have the luxury of air, water and food. So, an experiment was performed on few volunteers where they need to live under a huge dome and sustain themselves with air and water produced by certain plants. Many volunteers died due to hunger and the experiment was called off immediately. After the event, no scientist ever thought of attempting such an experiment that would risk the life of volunteers. (Image Source)

Nuclear Fusion

Nuclear Fusion
Nuclear Fusion

Nuclear fusion experiments are common to people who are in scientific world but these failed experiments can be very deadly if they go wrong beyond our imagination. One such failed fusion experiment happened in 2002 when strong sound waves were forced to pass through acetone. Immediately, the acetone reacted and bubbles were created that expanded and blew up at very high temperature. Hopefully, no one was hurt but they found out that they were almost right with their experiment but failed to achieve the desired temperature. (Image Source)

AIDS Vaccine

AIDS Vaccine

AIDS is quickly covering most part of the planet as more and more people are getting affected with the disease. Top pharmaceutical and medicine companies are constantly working with their research teams to come out with vaccines that would attack the AIDS virus and resolve the situation. University of Oxford and University of Nairobi together came up with a new AIDS vaccine that they tried on various random patients. As per the vaccine it would boost the immune system of an individual so that they can fight the AIDS virus but the response was very dull and it was found that the vaccine dies off immediately after given which disappointed researchers of both teams. (Image Source)

The Aether Wind

The Aether Wind
The Aether Wind

The nature of light has always attracted top scientists from all over the world and somewhere towards the end of 19th century people studied that light was behaving like a wave rather than going in a straight direction. They tried to studied the fact and found that such nature of light could be because of the motion of the Earth in space. Polish American scientist Albert Michelson designed an interferometer that could measure the speed of light and detect the wind effect as well but light again reacted in the normal way and they didn’t find any wave motion after that. (Image Source)

Top 5 Bizzare Fights between Humans and Animals

We’ve seen John Cena and HHH in the wrestling ring a number of times. We’ve seen sumo wrestlers fighting with each other too. Karate, Judo , Kung fu, Sword fights, Boxing and so on , a number of man to man sports are played across the world and enjoyed by people. But have you ever seen a man and an animal wrestle each other in an arena surrounded by spectators cheering up the contenders? Bull fighting? Yeah that is indeed a very old sport played across the world. But how about a bear or a kangaroo or say a crocodile standing in the ring against a man? After all in our bizarre world, all is possible. So let us take a look at some of these strange fights where a human and an animal battle for their survival and strangely for fun for the audiences.

Man vs Bear

An average male stands 5’8 tall and weighs 165 lbs. On the other hand a small bear somewhat 6ft tall weighs around 500lbs. Now imagine a full grown bear that’s much stronger and heavier than the man, wearing gloves and waiting for the referee for a signal to knock down the man in the other corner of the ring. Who will you cheer for? Well I’ll be rather praying that the bear doesn’t gobble up the man alive. (Image Source VIA The Destroyer )

Man vs Crocodile

Now here is a small touching tale of companionship with a man and his animal friend. A 32 years old fisherman Chito rescued a dying crocodile from a river in Limon Costa Rica years ago and now he astonishes tourists by wrestling with and hugging the 450kg animal in the water. Acc to the fisherman who is now 52, his croc named Pocho and he often wrestle in the water as a regular routine with his best friend never attacking him back. However he strictly warns the tourists to refrain from water as the strong jaws of the croc might bite off a piece seeing the sumptuous flesh of a stranger. (Image Source Via Daily Telegraph)

Man vs Kangaroo

The fight between the Kangaroo and a man is a famous sport event at the Animal Olympics in China. Dressed as a clown the man fights the Australian kangaroo with people around enjoying the event with great enthusiasm and interest. Apart from this, you may also see elephants and chimps lighting the torch and other creatures racing in the track for medals. (Image Source Via Daily Mail )

Pig Wrestling

Played at agricultural shows, a group of four people usually grab a slippery pig inside a pool of mud. Those who are able to hang onto the greased pig for the longest time win the game. Also known as wrasslin, the game has been many times questioned by the animal rights organizations. (Image Source VIA Soda Head)

Catching Catfish

How can the list be complete without the mention of fish? A competition organized by fishermen in Oklahoma involves catching fish. Not just any fish, the participants need to catch catfish with their bare hands. No price for guessing the rules of the competition. Whoever catches the fish first, wins (Image Source Unknown)

The 10 Fictional Prisons That Should Exist

Here is list of wackiest virtual prison. These prisons are thought to be the popular in virtual world. Several of them are located at different location and some are interrelated. This present article deals with some of the most popular and insane virtual prison of all time. By the end of article you will notice that you have got enough knowledge about these virtual prisons

10. Arkham Asylum

The Elizabeth Arkham Asylum is virtual prison for criminals in Gotham City. It was named upon the Elizabeth Arkham, mother of Dr. Asylum.  The famous prisoners of Arkham Asylum are Joker, Poison ivy, Mr Freeze and Many more which are weird enemy of Batman. This wacky asylum is suitable for all types of insane criminals. This fictional prison appears in DC Comics universe’s Batman series. According to its creator, it is located at far end of Gotham City. This virtual prison is infamous for its easy breakdown. It is regarded as the asylum for the mentally unfit individuals and criminals. .This fictional asylum has been destroyed by its prisoners time to time.

9. Prison of Azkaban

Azkaban is a fictional prison in Harry Potter series. This prison is meant for those who disoblige the laws of the wizard. It is located in somewhat middle of North Sea. Physical appearance of Azkaban is not known, but in movies it is assumed to be of triangular shape. Most of the prisoners in Azkaban are supporters of Lord Voldemart. Its security is maintained by Dementors. Magic Ministry claims that it’s not possible to break out from this prison. After Voldmemart take over the Magic Ministry, several people including politicians were sentenced to prison. After the final battle with Voldemart, there is elimination of Dementors from Azkaban because they are thought to be corruption cause of Wizard ministry.

8. Belle Reve

Belle Reve Penitentiary is a fictional prison and hospital in DC comic world. Belle Reve is a special prison for several super villains. It is situated in Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana which is nearby Gulf of Mexico. Several prisoners go on different mission to reduce their sentence. The criminals with low trust are bind up with such devices that can cause death. This prison is under continuous surveillance from government side to ensure that there is no scandal against United States. There are several riot rose in past but all were stopped by superheroes like Batman, Superman.

7. Black gate Penitentiary

Black gate Penitentiary is another fictional prison from DC comics. It is located in Gotham bay traditionally located on a small island in the Gotham Bay. It was reopened as it was condemned by the Amnesty International.  Like Arkham Asylum several dangerous criminals are kept in prison. Several times we came across such incidents that there is temporary shifting of criminals from Arkham Asylum to Black gate Penitentiary. Like Arkhum Asylum there are incidents of breakout in Black gate Penitentiary. The famous prisoners of this prison are Basil karlo, Dr. Fang, Dragon Cat. Jan Bodie. It is also refer as Hell Gate.

6. The Charles Montgomery Burns State Penitentiary

The Charles Montgomery Burns State Penitentiary is a fictional prison in Simpson. The prison includes several innocent and cunning people. It is located in Springfield and eventually builds on that place.  Several old laws were reinserted so that they can generate more money from this prison.  People get entrapped in this prison if they do not follow the old conservative rules. In this prison, prisoners work in kitchen and other part of jail.

Criminals of this prison try to break out but they end in getting nothing. However their riot results in release of Homer, the individual which get in due to a simple incident.

5. Wentworth Detention Centre

This is fictional prison in the Australian Television show named as Prisoner. It is actually a women prison. It was build on the idea that if the prison can be for men why it cannot be for women. This prison includes many aspects of relationship among the prisoners. Several prisoners were quite volatile in nature. Several criminals were introduced in the prison and with time they get released. Several others opera soaps were built on this concept. It remains in action from 1981 to 1989. There is a collection of 174 discs which include the 692 episodes of Prisoner.

4. HM Wakefield

It is a virtual prison. It is men type prison and located in Wakefield, West Yorkshire England. It is maintained by her majesty’ Prison Service. And it thought to have maximum security in United Kingdom. Super Max security was built in this prison to ensure the security of this prison. It contains the most dangerous 600 prisoners across United Kingdom. It facilitates every unit with proper facilities. There is severe testing of criminals over the drug cases. It offers several social welfare programs to its prisoners. This is done to socialize them. This prison has the most up to date facility with full facilities.

3. The vault

It is used for the super villain imprisonment in several cases in Marvel Comics. It first appears in the Avengers Annual. It is assumed that it is located at Ryker’s Island. Vault has appeared in several comics of Marvel comics’ universe. The vault security is maintained by its guards.  It is three storied building. Like other prison several attempts of breakthrough has been done but mostly get wasted. After its destruction, US government decide to build more than one prison at a time so that there may be fewer breakouts. Several facility of this prison has been provided by the Stark enterprises.

2. Takron Galtos

It is another virtual prison of DC Comics which is very huge in size. It holds the most dangerous villain in this galaxy. In justice league, it is showed up as the holding area for the villains. The villain which was in the Tarkon Galtos is recruited as a soldier of Sinestro corps. The concept of this Prison lies between the 20th -30 centaury. Almost all systems of this prison were automatic. It was destroyed by the wave of antimatter and every prisoner from this prison was released. And Planet Labyrinth was used as a alternative prison for remaining prisoners.

1. Raven croft

Raven croft Institute was established for criminal minded people. It was a maximum security proof prison for the criminals. It was located in New York. Many super villains like carnae, venom were kept in there. The director of the institute was Dr. Leonard Samson.  This prison was first mention in web of spider man. Many linked stories has been put through this prison. The institute is featured in a number of Spider-Man storylines. It reappears in Vengeance of the Moon Knight. Its entry gate is quite similar to Arkham Asylum. Several villains of natural powers are also kept in there. It generally appears from time to time in spider man series.

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