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April 2, 2020

How to secure a top career

Certain careers are highly regarded due to earning potential, career satisfaction or the prestige of the position. They include careers in finance, law and medicine. These top careers can be difficult to access but once you have earned the qualifications and gained the experience necessary you can enjoy a lifetime of high earnings and career prestige. [Read more…]

The 7 Weirdest Zombie Game Apps

The typical zombie apocalypse game format, in which you escape from zombies, collect supplies, and try to kill the zombies by shooting them in the head, has been done many times before. Now much weirder zombie games are available, which twist the typical zombie game script until it’s hilarious, zany, and fresh again.

Stupid Zombies 2

Image via Apple.com

The sequel to Stupid Zombies offers upgraded graphics and a lot of new levels while still bringing on the same fun gameplay. In Stupid Zombies 2, your character has a gun with a finite number of bullets, much as players have a finite number of birds in Angry Birds. Zombies hide behind obstacles all over the screen, and you ricochet your bullets to kill them all. It’s free on Android and iOS.

Zombie Castaways

Image via Apple.com

Free on both iOS and Android, Zombie Castaways is a bizarre zombie love story in which a zombie travels the world looking for the Zombium that will make him human for the sake of the girl he loves. You play the zombie while traveling across islands and accumulating zombie friends who help you grow plants, construct buildings, and look for the cure that will make you human. It’s weird in an adorable way, and the zombies in this story are pretty darn cute with their buckteeth.

Pro Zombie Soccer

Image via Apple.com

In Pro Zombie Soccer, which is 99 cents in the Apple store, the main character uses a soccer ball as his main weapon against the zombies. It sounds simple, but the gameplay quickly escalates as kicking the soccer ball becomes your resource for triggering other zombie-killing weapons, like a death-ray from space. Pro Zombie Soccer plays like an arcade game, with the zombies swarming at you from all over the screen and testing your reaction time.

Zombie Road Trip

Image via Apple.com

Free on both iOS and Android, Zombie Road Trip brings you another zany interpretation of the zombie apocalypse. This game combines car chases with zombies — you’re driving a car as zombies chase you. You’ve got a bunch of weapons you can fire at the zombies from the car. Choose different weapons, cars, and terrains, then combine them with gadgets and controls to escape the zombies.

Plants vs. Zombies

Image via Apple.com

The original Plants vs. Zombies remains one of the weirdest, and best, zombie games you can download. The sequel is cool, too, but the first version remains superior. Get it for free or upgrade to a paid version for 99 cents. Make sure you play it on a device with a high-resolution display on a fast network like T-Mobile’s; the huge screen of T-Mobile’s iPhone 6 Plus will help you see even the sneakiest of zombies and place your fighting plants in the right spots.

Age of Zombies

Image via Apple.com

A zombie T-Rex might be even weirder than a garden full of plants that help you keep zombies out of your house. In Age of Zombies, which is 99 cents for both iOS and Android, you battle zombie ninjas, zombie mummies, and other zombie monsters from throughout the ages. (And you get to ride a zombie T-Rex!) Play with your friends in multiplayer mode, or use a split screen for different views of the attacking zombies.

Zombie Cafe

Image via Apple.com

This is one of those Diner Dash kind of games in which you run a cafe and have to direct the its traffic to make customers happy. The twist? Your staff is made up of zombies. You can poison your customers to create more zombie workers and attack nearby cafes to steal recipes and supplies. Plus, the recipes you make are humorously disgusting, far more fit for zombies than for humans. Download Zombie Cafe for free on iOS and Android (just beware of in-app purchases!).

Sometimes you’re killing zombies with soccer balls, sometimes you’re trying to help them become human, and sometimes you’re putting them to work. Zombie games don’t just aim to simulate and copy Resident Evil anymore; instead, they take the zombie concept to new and ever weirder levels. Are you hungry for brains yet?

Saving money on family gifts this Christmas

Regardless of whether you set aside savings all year, scrimp on luxuries as autumn arrives, or splash out and worry about it later, the cost of Christmas is a genuine concern for many Americans as the big day draws closer.

Top tips for a cost-effective Christmas

While the subject of a cost-effective Christmas can be disheartening, or even downright stressful, for those who wish they had more to spend, the good news is that it’s perfectly possible to enjoy a frugal, and environmentally friendly, festive season – you just need to approach your shopping and preparation with a slightly different mindset.

Handmade gifts

The idea of handmade presents being cheap, an ‘easy way out’, or downright rude, is a thing of the past. That’s right, gifting your loved ones an item that you’ve slaved over is now incredibly popular, and a fantastic way of saving those dollars. As if that wasn’t reason enough, choosing to make your own presents is also incredibly green. With no packaging to pay for, a myriad household items used up rather than being thrown away, and the opportunity to introduce the idea to friends and family, there has never been a better time to reduce your carbon footprint – your only issue may be deciding when to stop.

Talk presents

It’s never an easy conversation to have, particularly with certain family members, but it’s one that needs to happen if you want to stop Christmas from costing the Earth. That’s right, it’s time to talk presents. If you come from a large family, consider sending gifts only to children of a certain age or younger, or banish cards altogether. Similarly, now may be the time to suggest sending ‘family presents’ – that is, a single present that can be used and enjoyed by everybody, rather than individual gifts. Your cash-strapped friends and family may well applaud your suggestions.

Shop savvy

While it’s tempting to head into the nearest mall and aim to finish your shopping in record time, that’s not always the most savvy way to shop – sorry, gentlemen! Slowly building a collection of gifts throughout the year, or heading to the January sales to buy next year’s presents are fantastic hacks, while shopping online is the latest trend. In fact, many high street stores will now offer the same items online, and for a fraction of the cost. Just think of the gas, time, and effort saved – hurrah! Many online retailers tend to offer a host of practical gift ideas as you shop, which makes the process so much easier, and satisfying.


Plan ahead

Whether you usually plan for months at a time or generally go with the flow until Christmas Eve, it’s time to re-evaluate how you organize gift buying, feeding the family, and tidying up afterwards. These days it’s so tempting to buy whatever we fancy and worry about what to do with the leftovers once January arrives, but wouldn’t it be savvier to cut back, purchase only what we need, and use the remains frugally?

Of course, this list of hints and tips is not exhaustive – you may even have a few cost-saving hacks of your own. Hopefully though, you have been inspired to shop a little more frugally this Christmas, and to get your family involved.

How to Find the Best Military Criminal Defense Attorney

If you are in a situation where you have been accused of a crime in the military, then you have likely been looking for military trial defenders that can meet your needs. How can you make sure that you’re going to get one that is going to be able to take care of you and your needs? And how do you know that you’re going to be working with someone that is going to care about the outcome of your trial? Here are some tips and hints that you can use in order to find the best of the best.

  • Look for a defense attorney that has been in the military, or is currently in it. Even though there are a lot of people who study military law and understand it, no one is better to defend you than someone who actually knows the ins and outs of the system because they were part of it. A majority of attorneys that defend military cases were in the military at one point in time, so look around and see what their credentials are before you go ahead and make a decision about who you’re going to use. In short, look for someone that has experience in the legal system as it is in the military (JAG, etc) – that will help you even more.
  • Find someone that listens to your concerns and lets you know what your options are.There are a lot of people who are out there for the money, but you don’t want to be working with them if you’re trying to figure out how to deal with your trial. You want to work with someone that genuinely cares about the outcome and that will give you the sort of defense that you deserve to have as a member of the armed forces or other branches of the military.
  • Find someone that will give you a price that is fair and that won’t get you in financial trouble. You need to find someone that has a fair cost that isn’t going to break the bank, and many people who defend those in the military will do that for you because they believe that you deserve that sort of defense. Compare some costs to make sure that you’re getting the best defense for the best cost, but don’t settle for less just because you’re in a situation where you can’t afford it either. Compare, contrast, and figure out the best course of action.

As you can see, there are a lot of factors that go into finding the best military defense that you deserve to have. If you follow these tips and make sure that the person that you’re working with is right for your needs, then you will be in a much better place to find someone that is going to help you get through your trial as best as you possibly can. Start your search today.

How recent science is solving historic myths

The fundamental purpose of science is to provide answers. By process of systematic study, scientists prove, or indeed disprove, theories about why things happen. As human beings have evolved over the centuries, it would in some ways appear that the number of mysteries left to solve has perhaps decreased. Today, we know and understand things about how the universe works in a way that would be unrecognizable to our ancestors just a couple of generations ago.


In reality however, the number of questions has not decreased; it is more that the nature of the questions has changed. In fact, most scientists would agree that every answer worked out only opens up a range of new questions and potential avenues of exploration.

Historic myths


One area in which the scientific world is having a particularly interesting impact on is the exploration of historic myths. Over the years, the recording of history has becoming significantly more sophisticated, and today we have an unprecedented level of technology that allows us to capture even the smallest details about how we live our lives.

This technology is a relatively recent phenomenon however, and for generations, human beings relied on storytelling to pass on information, lessons and records. Such a process is fundamentally flawed, as stories can be embellished or influenced, consciously or otherwise, by who is telling them. It is a widely agreed concept among academics that history is written by the winners, for example.

As a result, there are numerous fascinating areas for to be explored, questions to be answered and mysteries solved, and the world of science and history are coming together to do exactly this.

Popular stories

These are a few of the most intriguing mysteries that scientific methods have been applied to solve:

  • The ‘Cardigan Billy’ picture. As reported on baedaily.com, scientists used the same modern-day facial recognition techniques that confirmed the death of Osama Bin Laden to prove that a 137-year-old photo does in fact show legendary outlaw Billy the Kid. The photo, which shows Billy the Kid playing a game of croquet with the Lincoln County Regulators in the summer of 1978, is now estimated to be worth around $5 million. This is remarkable considering that it was purchased for a couple of dollars in a junk shop. The new owner insisted the cardigan-wearing figure was indeed Billy the Kid and has been proven right by science.

  • Of all the sciences, archaeology has perhaps done most over the years to solve historical mysteries. One of these is the question of why Palmyra, a key trading hub in the Roman Empire, was located in the middle of the Syrian desert and how it continued to function and thrive in such a tough environment. Teams from Norway and Syria have worked together and are believed to have solved the mystery by uncovering a system of water reservoirs. This network was used to collect and channel the yearly rainfall that came from seasonal storms and use it to grow crops, providing a stable source of food even during the most hot and arid seasons.

  • The Nazca Civilization. Scientists have also recently been able to apply our improved understanding of meteorology and human influence on climate change to propose a theory about what happened to the Nazca people of Peru, who seem to have disappeared around the year 500 AD. Current thinking is that the Nazca, who were responsible for the famous giant Nazca lines, brought about their own destruction through deforestation. Great swathes of huarango trees were cut down to allow for farming, and this had an irreparable impact on the environment. Without the trees, the quality of soil dropped so dramatically that it became impossible to grow food. As a result, the land simply became untenable as a living location and this, combined with a major El Nino weather event, led to a catastrophic end for the Nazca.


What does the future hold?

Reaction to the solving of such myths is, not surprisingly, mixed. On the one hand, people are generally inherently interested in knowing the truth and are pleased when science can provide them with this in the most unequivocal way. They are delighted with the enhanced knowledge this offers and are keen to know more. Contrastingly, other parties would prefer certain mysteries to remain unsolved and feel like science somehow removes the magic of such stories.

Despite this, the momentum behind such projects continues to grow, and as there is no shortage of myths and legends left to explore, we can almost certainly look forward to some fascinating new research for some time yet.

5 Tips for Making a Great YouTube Video

These days, everyone wants to go viral. The key to becoming an internet celebrity is to make a YouTube video. Once you create enough of them, your channel will start to gain attention. With that newfound awareness, you’ll develop followers, video subscribers inclined to watch all the content you provide. Before any of that can happen, however, you need to get your foot in the door by crafting that first great clip. Here are five tips for making a great YouTube video.

Pick the Right Topic


Image via Flickr by Photographing Travis

The crucial first step in getting your fledgling video career off on the right note is selecting the correct subject matter. While TV’s Sheldon Cooper would suggest an arcane topic near and dear to your heart such as Fun with Flags, the brutal reality is that you’ll do nothing but waste your time. You need to choose something with a wide scope of potential viewers rather than something with a narrow focus that the overwhelming majority of people will not find engaging.

Think about the most general topics that catch your eye, and that probably applies to other people as well. A vast array of subjects such as major sports, video games, cooking vacation destinations, cute animals, movies, and music, appeals to virtually everyone. With such a wide variety of options, you should have no problem picking something that speaks to you on a personal level while still attracting a massive potential viewer base.

Pick the Right Camera

Most people give in to the temptation to use the camera on their phone to record their videos. That’s also why most people fail to build major video content portals. By looking like everyone else, amateurish, they fail to stand out. You’ll want a decent camera with the functionality to record a high-quality video file that can upload quickly and easily to your computer. This will make your subject matter appear much more professional.

Pick the Right Laptop

Editing your files is a critical step in crafting the best video. People today want more than basic motion pictures. They expect splashy graphics and sound effects that enhance the viewing experience, making the footage more exciting to watch. Buying a state-of-the-art computer doesn’t guarantee that you’ll perform these tasks faster, but it’s a strong start.

The new Skylake processor from Intel is the first CPU that supports 4K video in the hardware itself. Powerful new laptops like the Lenovo ThinkPad will save you a great deal of time in the editing bay. Extra time liberates you to make more videos.

Pick the Right Editing Software

The same rules for the camera and the laptop apply to the software. No matter how much computational power your laptop possesses, a clunky editing app will cause problems. It’ll bottleneck the creative process as you impatiently wait for it to perform the requisite task. Sitting on your hands is terrible, because odds are good that you’ll forget what you intended to do while you wait.

Fortunately, there are a lot of great editing apps available. The best of them are Adobe Presenter, Corel VideoStudio Pro X8, and CyberLink PowerDirector 11. Choosing any of these three should assure a smooth process while you’re perfecting your video. Better yet, they’re user-friendly enough that they’ll do the heavy lifting for novices.

Be Yourself

The picking is over now. At this point, the success of your endeavor is entirely in your hands. You have the right camera, laptop, and software to make a popular video. What you need to realize is that if you start with a clip that isn’t true to yourself, you’ll have to keep up the act in every successive video. That’s exhausting.

Instead, try to find your voice as a content creator. What makes you so engaging and charismatic that you believe you can become an internet celebrity? What is it about your video that makes you confident it’ll go viral? Emphasize those aspects of yourself in your videos. They’ll operate as an introduction that will make people as interested in you as they are in your initial clip.

Making a great YouTube video takes some planning. Follow the advice above to improve your odds of your first attempt going viral.

Opening up a new business: what you need to know

If you are preparing to start your own business, there are many important things to plan beforehand, including finance, staffing and office equipment. Thousands of people across the country start new businesses every day, so it is important that you work on all aspects of your business before launching in order to have the best possible chance of success.

Potential financial issues

There are certain financial issues you might face when looking to start a new business. The first thing you need to do is determine how you will cover the required costs to start your business; you may have the necessary finances yourself or you may need to borrow money. If you do need to borrow money there are a range of methods to do so, including the following:

  • Taking out a commercial loan with a bank.
  • Taking out a small business loan through an alternative lender such as SBA or CAN Capital.
  • Borrowing money from family or friends.
  • Venture capital.
  • Angel investors.
  • Launching a crowdfunding campaign.

It is very important that you have hard facts to determine how much capital your business will need in order to take off. You can find this out through information from similar businesses, suppliers, trade associations and business startup guides. You may also get finance advice and support through investors, or even your bank.

What kind of people do you want to work for you?

Most businesses need to recruit staff, so you need to determine what kind of people your new business should be looking to hire, and you need to give your hiring process the same level of focus that you would give all other aspects of your business. Employing people with experience can cost more, but they may be able to give you some new ideas and perspectives as well as saving you money on training. On the other hand, employing eager new staff may also work depending on your customers’ needs and how much training and support you are able to supply. You need to decide what kind of people will work best for your company in the long run.

What tools do you need to make your business grow?

Depending on your business, you need to plan what equipment and tools you will require; you may need to find premises, computers, printers, desks, office furniture and more. You will also have to think about a phone system to use within your office, perhaps a hosted ip pbx such as http://primus.ca/business/phone/hosted-pbx/ which makes use of cloud-based technology, helps you grow your business and allows you to add users and locations easily. This needs to be taken into consideration when planning your business finances. The location and the look of your business premises can be important when attracting customers, so you need to plan carefully.

There are many things to consider when starting your own business, and having a business plan that covers every aspect is vitally important before you begin trading. Fortunately, there are informative sources including online sites, bank advisors and even other business owners that can help you along the way to successfully launching your new venture.

Basic Things to Know About USA Divorce Law

You’re thinking about a divorce and you are starting to work with a divorce lawyer in Tucson so that you can get it finalized. There are a lot of things that you need to try and figure out, but what is important and what can just be left behind? In this article, we’re going to give you a look at some of the basic things that you need to know about USA Divorce law.


  • If you have only been living in the state for a short period of time, you may not be eligible to get divorced there. You will have to take a look at the laws of your state in order to see how long you would have had to live there.
  • Many states (not all) actually require that you and your spouse live apart for a period of time before you are actually allowed to get a divorce. This is not only to ensure that you actually want to get divorced, but it also allows you both to have some “down time” before you actually try to make a decision and deal with the ins and outs that end up coming when you’re trying to get divorced.
  • Assets are one of the most important parts of divorce. Money and the things that you own have to be dealt with, and if you don’t take care of them, it could make the problem that much worse. Be honest about all of your assets and be willing to figure out and compromise the best way to go about whatever it is that you have to sift through in order to ensure that everyone gets a fair share and is taken care of in the end.
  • Are there children involved? Children often make things more complicated, but they also make it that much more important for you to sort things out as civilly as possible. There are lots of laws related to child custody that vary by state, so you will have to look into those and figure out the course of action that your family is going to take.
  • Alimony and child support are both things that need to be dealt with. Along with assets, the spouse who doesn’t have custody may have to pay child support to help out. Alimony, on the other hand, is only done if one of the spouses has never had gainful employment and is going to need help from the other spouse in order to make sure that they are okay.

There are many other laws that vary by state, so it’s always a good idea to get connected with a professional that can help you sift through it all. That way, you can make sure that you don’t miss anything and that your case can be dealt with as quickly as possible. In short, look for someone that specializes in family law or divorces and you’ll be ready to go in the state you reside in.

The 7 Habits Recent Grads Use to Manage Student Loan Debt

Borrowing money for education is a must for many, but after you graduate it may seem overwhelming to pay your loans off as you start out in your career. Managing student loan debt is much easier if you can follow in the footsteps of other borrowers like you who are trying to make ends meet.

Stay Connected to Debt

While it may be tempting to ignore a looming deadline, it is important to keep an eye on your outstanding loans and time limits. Many student loans have specific requirements for when you have to start paying them back, and even one missed or late payment can negatively impact your credit. This is something you want to avoid as you are getting into the world where credit matters for everything: mortgages, job opportunities, renting apartments, and buying cars. Along those same lines, avoid using credit cards for things you can’t afford, since the interest rates are typically pretty high.

Use Resources

Image via Flickr by Sebastian Kippe

With mobile devices so readily available, you can easily use technology to manage your debt. There are hundreds of financial management apps that make it easy to consolidate all accounts into one place, so you can check in regularly and see how you are doing on your budget and loan repayment. Specific banks and credit cards also have their own apps for simplified account management. With all of the apps readily available on innovative 4G LTE capable phones like the Samsung Galaxy S5, you can stay on top of due dates and outstanding loans.

Consider Repayment Alternatives

When you took out your first student loan, you probably had no idea what your starting salary would be in your new career. As a result, your repayment schedule might not be feasible once you have finished school and secured a job. Instead of missing payments or falling behind, talk to your lender. If you have federal loans, it may be harder to change the payment schedule, but it’s worth looking into if the monthly amount is impossible to pay. There are options for income-driven repayment plans that can alleviate the stress over making your payment each month.

Understand Postponement or Deferral Options

If you become ill or injured and are unable to work, there are ways to postpone or defer payments on your student loans. If this is your only choice, talk to your lender before making a decision since you may still accrue interest during this period. If possible, pay at least the interest while you aren’t working since this can decrease the overall amount owed once you are back to your job.

Make Extra Payments

Remember when you used to live on ramen noodles and frozen pizzas in college? It may be time to get back into the habit of living as frugally as possible so that you can make extra payments on your student loans. Anything you can put toward the debt will lower the principal and save interest. If you have multiple loans, pay off those with the highest interest rates first. You might also consider consolidating loans so you can make one payment each month without negatively impacting your credit.

Look Into Loan Forgiveness

If your career path has taken you into the world of non-profit, government, or other similar public service jobs, you might qualify for federal loan forgiveness programs. Even those working in education and healthcare can qualify if they meet criteria. These programs can help reduce or even forgive the amount you owe, depending on your position and employer.

Get in Good Habits

Even during the grace period after you finish school, get in the habit of setting aside your loan payment amount and pay it as a lump sum on the first due date. This will help you establish a budget with that amount coming out each month, so you won’t feel overwhelmed after the grace period ends.

Education is well worth the investment, since it can dramatically increase your earning potential over the course of your life. If you take out loans for school, prepare early for their repayment.



Top Chef All-Star Richard Blais will host the Halloween baking Championship which will air Monday, October 5th, 2015 at 9:00 pm ET/PT. See who will wow the judges Ron Ben-Israel, Sherry Yard, and Carla Hall by making the best cheesecake coffins. Get entertained while getting some great ideas how to turn your home into a Halloween Masterpiece, so that you can throw the freakiest party of the year. Or just watch for the excitement.


The winner with the scariest and most delicious spider cupcakes, witch finger cookies, and mummy macaroons will win the $ 25,000. Don’t miss a second of the creepy crawling mishaps and mayhem. The top bakers in the country will prove that they can create the scariest creations and the spookiest treats for everyone to try this Halloween.

Who will create the best Halloween cupcakes using the classics like candy corn and peanut butter cups? Who has what it takes to create a sweet creation inspired by the best costume? You will have to tune in to see who will be the ultimate championship.

Check out FoodNetwork.com/BakingChampionship for more information and inside interviews or joint the ongoing Twitter conversation using #BakingChampionship now.

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