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March 4, 2014

The Best Celebrity Lego

Lego was one of my favourite toys growing up and I still believe it really is one of the best forms of entertainment a parent can invest in for their own children. Girls and boys alike play with Lego and unlike other toys which kids grow out of pretty quickly depending on the latest trends (does anyone remember yo yo’s, tamagochi’s, pogs, marbles – all of which have come and gone in a flash). The art of Lego seems to have stood the test of time. Even with all our modern 21st century gadgets kids have at their disposal such as game consoles, laptops and smart phones, you can still almost guarantee that a Lego set lurks somewhere in every house. Now that’s quite something.


But Lego have ensured that they constantly engage their audience. When I was younger I remember building simple police stations and fire houses but nowadays they evolve their Lego to include the likes of Harry Potter and the gang of Hogwarts for children to play with. And if that’s not enough children can also visit LegoLand to see amazing life sized Lego creations. No wonder they have stayed in favour with today’s generation. So that’s why they deserve to have some of their best creations of today showcased.

Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouselego

amy winehouse Stephen Hawking


stephen hawking Abraham Lincoln

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abraham lincoln Madonna


madonna2 Brangelina


brangelina kids X-Factor Judges


x factor judges Cliff Richard

cliff richard

cliff richard Sarah Palin

sarah palin imitation lego Prince

celebrities from lego 022 Marty Mcfly


marty mcfly Jake Gyllenhall

Picture 1535

jake gyllenhaal jimmy kimmell photos 05272010 02 430x286 Heather Mills

lego mills copy lores 747106

heather mills400 Freddie Mercury

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freddie mercuryAnd for the grand finale……..

….The amazing, life sized…….Conan O’Brien!


conan o brien

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