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May 24, 2018

Cockfighting not hen fighting

Cockfighting is a sport that was popular in India, China, Persia and other Eastern countries during the ancient times. It involves two cocks fighting each other in a fighting ring until one of the birds survives. A great deal of money is usually wagered in the sport. The cocks, also known as gamecocks, are given intensive training when they are as young as one or two years old. The birds are fed a high protein diet of fresh fruits and vegetables in order for them to sustain high levels of intensity.


This blood sport, like many others, is illegal in most parts of the world today. However, it is still popular in many places like Puerto Rico, Mexico, the Philippines and Haiti. The sport is only played with roosters and not with hens because you can put a thousand hens together and they won’t fight but the rooster are have a natural instinct for fighting.


Animal Cruelty

Animals Fight

Animal Ring

Animal Bets

Animal Cock

Cockfight 2

Cock fighting 2


  1. cruelty!!!! pls help save animals from abuse…

  2. dumb white people says:

    watever the fawk you poeple say. let us do wat we want and you can do watever the fawk you want. u surely dont want me intruding in wat u animal luving cave people are doing. if fighting cocks r bad, y arent u people stopping people who r fawking their dogs and horses for pleasure then? go fawk ur animals and leave us alone.


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