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May 7, 2016

The Cold Hard Facts About Incarceration

The Cold Hard Facts About Incarceration

The levels of security in a prison system are categorised differently around the world, but thend to follow a distinct pattern. Most developed countries divide prisons into separate security classes depending on the inmate population and the security needed to keep them under control.  Accordingly, most developed countries have classes ranging from the most secure, which typicaly hold violent prisoners and those judged most likely to escape, to the least, which are most often used to house non-violent offenders or those for whom more stringent security is deemed unnecessary. Bellow are prison statistics  to show how out of control the prison population has become, explain the current state of the U.S. Crime justice system.
The Cold Hard Facts on Incarceration
Via: Criminology


  1. Mike King says:

    Really there are some people who need to be in Prison, then there are a lot of people who do not need it and by the time they come out will be as bad as the murders that they were housed with and come out that much more pissed off. We really need to figure some stuff out. Locking everyone up is solving the problem.

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