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June 25, 2018

Creepy Horror Dolls

Do people come to visit you and never leave? Here is the perfect way to tell them to go to hell home: get a creepy doll!

These dolls can be Jason, dead bride or just deformed freaks, but they work as good as any horror master to scare people away.

If your keys are always taken by your room mate, you can easily attach to them a creepy little doll, that would teach him, and when he sees your keys he’ll run like hell.

Imagine, waking up in the morning, with a half melted plastic face in your bed that is an unforgettable sensation.

Definitely not a gift for children, these dolls look just like they come out of a horror movie. The three face legged doll, or bird human skeleton, are a certain proof of what a sick and twisted mind can do. However, these fine horror pieces of art could easily find a place in your bedroom for some sweet dreams.

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