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February 23, 2020

Creepy Vintage Halloween Costumes 1800 – 1959

When we traditionally think of Halloween we think of it in modern terms, scream masks or slasher movies. For this Halloween, we though it would be cool to look back, way back in history to the 1800’s and then forward to the 1960’s to see what Halloween meant at that time.

During these decades the world was a very different place; Britain had declares war on France, the US declares war on Britain, Charles Darwin was just setting out on his five-year voyage, the terrible Wounded Knee Massacre happened, Maoris were killing the British over land rights in New Zealand, the US tested the first atomic weapons and many people were dying of diseases like smallpox and cholera. Celebration must have seemed the last thing on people’s minds, but yet they did it and as you will see from these photographs it is not all that different to now.


1800 – Children dressed as Indians



1905 – Boy Dressed as Clown

1905 – Boys dressed as US army and Indians

1905 – A family celebrates Halloween in the garden with homemade masks

1905 – Children wearing homemade masks

1905 – A Halloween party

1905 – Adults in creepy masks

1905 – office workers

1905 –  girl


1920 – Friends celebrate Halloween

1920 – Halloween outfits

1920 – Ivy hall Halloween party

1920 – Wheeler hot springs Halloween

1920 – Halloween Costume Party at Gates’ Rooftop Garden, Denver Co.

1920 – Barrows family Halloween
Chicago Halloween 1920


1930 – School Play for Halloween

1930 –  Halloween Costumes, Buenos Aires Argentina

1934 – Halloween party at the Hotel Allerton, Chicago

1938 – Wesson Teebagi and Nusray Hadayia holding squashes decorated with faces

1939 – Creepy 3 pigs

1939 – Acting troop on Halloween – The ink paint beggars

1948 – Kids enjoying a Halloween party

1948  – Kids Trick or treating


1950 – Children Trick or treating

1950 – Kids gather for trick or treating

1950 – Children Trick or treating

1950 – Boy in Indian costume on bike

1951 – Kids with Mighty Mouse and cowboy outfits

1951 – Kids in a Halloween performance

1954 – Girl with Trick or treat bag

1954 – Kid in superman outfit

1956 – Teenager in Frankenstein outfit

1956 – Children in witches outfits

1957 –  Teen dressed as a werewolf

1958 – Kids lined up wearing outfits

1958 – School for the deaf Kansas Halloween dance

1958 – Teens dressed up with friends

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  1. I noticed alot of caucasian children in black face as Halloween costumes. Shows me how savage whites are over in America.


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