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June 1, 2016

Got Empty Bottles? Try Building An Island

In the pictures you will see an artificial island made from nothing else but empty bottles. It is surprising to see the amount of material these bottles put together is able to support. The sand, trees, people and the hut must weigh quite a bit. The hammock and the benches are set for comfortable island living.

The island is beautifully made with sand and even trees. In the pictures you will see that it is made into more or less a garden complete with a small hut to live in. It can be easily accesses by boat and even has a watch tower where you can relax and look out into the water. The interiors are well done complete with a chest of drawers, shelves, couch, etc. The island feels so real that it is hard to believe that all it is made off is useless bottles.


  1. Energy Conservation says:

    Can’t believe one can make an island ourselves with the use of bottles! Next time you should know how to use your bottles. :)


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