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November 21, 2019

A Field Kit That Was Used By Surgeons In The 19th Century

In medicine, a surgeon is a doctor who is a specialist in surgery. Surgery is a broad category of invasive medical treatment that involves the cutting of a body, whether that of a human or other animal, for a specific reason such as the removal of diseased tissue or to repair a tear or breakage. Surgeons may be physicians, dentists, podiatrists or veterinarians.

In the U.S., surgeons train for longer than other specialists; only after 9 years of training do they qualify. These years include 4 years of medical school and a minimum of 5 years of residency.

In early recorded history, surgery was mostly associated with barber surgeons who were both haircutting who also used their cutting tools to undertake surgical procedures, often at the battlefield and also for their royal paymasters. With the advances in medicine and physiology, the professions of barbers and surgeons diverged from each other and by the 19th century barber surgeons had disappeared.

Military surgeons continued, although the title Surgeon General also came to refer to government public health officers. In 1950, the Royal College of Surgeons of England in London began to offer surgeons a formal status via RCS membership. The title Mister became a badge of honor, and today after someone graduates from medical school with the degrees MBBS or MB ChB.

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