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October 23, 2018

Futurama VS Star Wars Mashups

If you are a fan of both Star Wars and Futurama, there is no way you can resist mashups that are created using characters from these two series. Somehow, even though they are completely disconnected from each other, they just make sense. Just imagine Princess Leia as a one-eyed heroine! It is just too funny considering how suave and sophisticated she looks in the movie.

Also, if you like the Simpsons, there are more fun mashups in store for you! It is just hilarious to see a comic Darth Vader in the company of mashed up Simpson’s characters. Also check out the extremely funny forms created for Homer Simpson- they simply take the cake! In my personal opinion the mash up created using characters of all three series- Star Wars, Futurama and Simpson is by far the best, both in terms of creativity and hilarity. It sure is hard to forget.

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