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November 21, 2019

This Is What Will Happen If You Don’t Clean Your Computer

Dust is made out of particles in the atmosphere that come from many sources such as soil dust lifted by weather, volcanic eruptions, and pollution.

Dust in homes, offices, and other human environments usually contains small amounts of plant pollen, human and animal hairs, textile fibers, paper fibers, minerals from outdoor soil, human skincells, burnt meteorite particles and many other materials which may be found in the local environment.

Dust may worsen hay fever. Circulating outdoor air through a house by keeping doors and windows open, or at least slightly ajar, may reduce the risk of hay fever-causing dust.

In colder climates, occupants seal even the smallest air gaps, and eliminate outside fresh air circulating inside the house. So it is essential to manage dust and airflow.

House dust mites are ubiquitous everywhere humans live indoors. Positive tests for dust mite allergies are extremely common among people with asthma. Dust mites are microscopic arachnids whose primary food is dead human skin cells.

They do not actually live on people, though. They and their faeces and other allergens they produce are major constituents of house dust, but because they are so heavy they are not long suspended in the air.

They generally are on the floor and other surfaces, until disturbed. Sources suggest it could take somewhere between 20 minutes and 2 hours for them to settle back down out of the air.

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