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May 22, 2018

Why We Hate Snow

Snow, i think we all have a love hate relationship with it as drivers. People’s reactions to snow always amuse me, mainly because of they vary so much. From kids praying for a white Xmas, to the foreign students who had never seen snow, to London commuters ditching work to making snowmen on the beach, and then those drivers who think ice and rear wheel drive city cars are a match made in heaven

Getting to work or just going about your day in the snow is a task and a half, normal families don’t all have 4×4 s or the new All Wheel Drive cars, so are left to the mercy of the blizzard and underlying frost, panicking every time the wheel spins on a lump of ice or the person in front skids over a junction. In many countries snow is part of everyday life, but in those countries that are not used to arctic conditions, snow can bring its dangers as well as its amusements.

None drivers also have their share of problems in the snow, from snowdrifts that go over the tops of your wellingtons, to ice covered pavements that make every step a potential broken bone. This collection of photos show both the hazardous and funny side to our winter visitor for drivers and none drivers alike.

A snowman seeks safety behind a tree from a snow blower

A tiger decides to help out clearing a parking space

Perhaps this guy will take the bus next time

The Mailboxes are shocked at how late the post van is

This is called the Coke slider

Not the best place to park

Bad parking or art

This can’t be a mistake

How did they get up there?

This is what you need in the snow, something with HUGE wheels

Take more than a ice scraper to move this ice

Takeoff… whoooops!

Forgot where we parked the car, i can hear the alarm

Turn up the car heater, its a bit nippy

I don’t think I’ll take my bike today

Think I’ll leave the missile at home today

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