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March 4, 2014

Horses that want to kill themselves

The horse (Equus ferus caballus) a proud and strong willed animal that has been around since a bit after the dinosaurs and before Jesus. We domesticated the horse around 4000 BC and almost all horses are now kept as domestic animals by humans, whether they like that arrangement or not.

“I shot the sheriff!”

Horses that want to kill themselves0

The only remaining truly wild horses are the cute little wild Przewalski’s Horse which is unfortunately endangered, mostly because we have driven it to the point of extinction and tried to breed it out of the history books. We humans used horses for everything in the past such as in war transport (we now drive 4×4), farming and of course food, and in some countries horses are still used largely in agriculture, for food and transport… poor things.

Fat boy Mule

Horses that want to kill themselves1

These days horses are commonly used in Western regions in sports, police work and we even make pharmaceuticals from the urine of pregnant horses (weird). Yes the horse has been our friend and protector for longer than we can remember, so why oh why do we persist on making this beautiful magnificent creature look like a dumb ass (pardon the pun).

Here are 10 reasons horses want to kick your head off!

1. Insider Shot
“Your not exactly Da vinci are ya honey?”

Horses that want to kill themselves2

2. Horzebra WTF
“I’m not a f+++ing Zebra”

Horses that want to kill themselves3

3. Protest Horse
“I don’t share your aspirations lady”

Horses that want to kill themselves4

4. Tie Dye Horse
“Did you idiots run out of dye?”

Horses that want to kill themselves5

5. Inside Out Horse
“You people are obsessed with whats on the inside – i am much more superficial”

Horses that want to kill themselves6

6. Nazi Mare
“I don’t care he if he was a vegetarian”

Horses that want to kill themselves7

7. Do i look good in this
“I don’t usually wear earrings but i could be swayed”

Horses that want to kill themselves8

8. Janky Doodle Horse
“Nom Nom Nom”

Horses that want to kill themselves9

9. Zebra obsession amount humans
“This is humiliating, i blame Disney”

Horses that want to kill themselves10

10. Ha ha ha
“I can see you snickering.. stop it”

Horses that want to kill themselves11

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