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May 24, 2018

Incredible Concept Cars We Might Be Driving In The Future

Concept cars very rarely make it off the drawing board, some go as far as being made into a prototype, but very few are ever marketed yet alone driven. Yet there are some that are simply so fabulous either through sheer design, eco friendliness or sheer implausibility that they deserve to be made so that we can all try our hands at driving them, that’s if the designers actually made them so they could be driven.

The Bentley SenseS


The concept behind the car is that driver and machine are blended, with the help of genetic engineering and advances in biotechnology of course, so that they work together as one. Designed by Arturo Peralta the car is supposed to be as connected to the driver as a rider is to his horse. The artificial intelligence would continue to develop and learn through use so that when ready it will anticipate the needs of the driver and recognise the emotions that the driver is displaying. If you have always admired Bentley this model might see you changing your mind as what it has in concept it loses in overall look and would appear more at home on the page of a comic book.

The Pivo 2

It may look more like an automated submersible designed to be thrown overboard a scientific research vessel, but the Pivo 2 was designed to combat some of the difficulties that today’s drivers face. Designed by Nissan the Pivo 2 is an electric car which offers an incredible 360’ rotating cabin. The wheels have been designed to rotate a full 90’ to aid with difficult parking situations in the city. While the wheels are turning on one direction the cabin can turn in another, they say it is innovative but it could be a nightmare for those suffering from motion sickness.

The Peugeot VERSatile Feline

A lunar rover comes to mind when you look at this car. It’s electric and while some would consider it to be stunning, others may make comments about how ugly it is. The designer is David Vega and well, who knows what he was thinking of when he came up with this. Rather than just one this vehicle has four motors, all electric, each of which is mounted in one of the wheels, with the wheel rims acting as ventilation for the engine. This is a two seater with the option of being able to move the seats so that not only space is created but the shape of the car is changed.

The Volkswagen T-6

Created by designer Alexander Zhukovsky this is a true futuristic car. This car is not just a simple vehicle it also works as a mobile office with a business class interior. The wheels as we recognise them have gone, moved onto cylinders which revolve around the body of the car. It looks like something out of a science fiction film which is what you want from a concept car. So it looks good, but no one has said anything about the driveability of the thing!

Whilst you may be happy with your fuel efficient Suzuki Kizashi right now we bet that you are already looking forward to the future now you have heard what is in store.

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