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May 24, 2018

The Next Iron Chef: Redemption

The Next Iron Chef On The Food Network  returns, and this season is bound to be better than ever!

Premiering on Sunday, November 4th, at 9 p.m., this eight-episode installment will bring back host Alton Brown, as he navigates through another high-stakes, edge-of-your seat competition, that will span from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, ultimately bringing you your next Iron Chef. This season will also bring back previous contestants who know second chances are a hard thing to come by, and will fight hard to prove why last time was just a fluke.

For the first time ever, the Food Network is also offering a web exclusive, called “Road to Redemption”, that will air from October 12 to October 26, and will select the tenth and final contestant on this yearʼs Iron Chef competition. The competitive entertainment is stretched out, giving you more Iron Chef than ever before! The web tournament will feature contestants both from years past, and making their first appearance, and may finally answer the question, is experience really everything?

So donʼt miss a single exciting moment, as old Chefs Return For The Next Iron Chef: Redemption, for the chance to attain ultimate culinary glory as a member of the Chairmanʼs team on Iron Chef America.

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