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May 22, 2018

Millstone Masters the Art of Coffee

The making of delicious coffee is not only a science, but an art. One has to know which beans to choose from, how to convert it into the hot liquid, and give it the extra “oomph” that helps it bring out its quality. Millstone Coffee Company the Perfect Cup of Coffee knows how to do this. As a master, Millstone Coffee Company pays attention to how long they roast the beans to make a great cup.

The roasting process of the Arabica beans Millstone Coffee Company uses usually takes approximately 14 minutes, but never over 17 minutes. The bean swells twice its size, turns brown, and creates its own oil. The longer the beans are roasted, the larger and more full-bodied they become. Millstone gives the customers different kinds of roasts to choose from. The lightly roasted bean is light brown in color with a matte appearance while the medium-roasted bean is medium-light brown. Medium-dark-roasted beans are medium-dark brown with a light surface oil while dark-roasted beans are dark brown in color and shiny with oil. Once cooled with a bit of moisture, the beans are given their special blends.

Millstone, the master of ambrosial drinks, takes pride in the creation of great-tasting coffee. For more info on the kinds of blends and special offers, go to www.millstone.com.

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