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April 2, 2020

Who Says the Office Has to Be Boring?

It can get pretty dull in the office when you are sitting in a three-wall enclosed space with nothing but paperwork and a computer. My job is to punch in date, print sheets, and other unexciting tasks. My eyes needed to stay open, so, I got up so I could grab a cup o’ Joe. I saw my fellow co-workers. Everybody looked like they were dead–as if they came straight out of a zombie movie, yet Halloween isn’t for another couple of weeks. We needed some excitement in this joint.

When I came back from the coffee lounge, I went back on my computer. Since it gets pretty boring filing and typing, I would spend my time online. So there I was, just sitting in my chair, wasting the hours away on Party Casino, when it hit me—I should play a prank on my neighbor. My neighbor Paul was a total grump; a fifty-something year old man who was mean to me and all the co-workers. He was still at lunch, so it gave me the opportunity to do the dirty deed. My co-workers Brittany, Michael, and I took some sticky notes and covered his entire desk, chair, and walls with the notes. When Paul came back from his lunch break, his eyes were wide open and started yelling! He was asking who did it, but we all kept quiet. When Paul walked away with his face beet red, almost the entire office started to laugh uncontrollably . Hey, who says the office has to be boring? A lot of studies states that creativity can be achieved with just few moments of fun and laugh. Since Halloween is close there are a lot of Halloween office pranks you can try out on your colleagues and who knows, maybe this will start your work creativity and lead to the successfully finished project. If you have any interesting story or pictures of the office prank you or your colleagues pulled of, contact us and let us know, maybe we can share your story…

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