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November 21, 2019

Ostrich rodeo: Hop on board

Welcome to this year’s rodeo! Competitors will have a very easy task to do. First up, find an ostrich. Once you have located your target make sure to grab it. Thing is its legs will be very easy, because it has only two instead of four. The final challenge, ride your ostrich.

The beast can be easily detained if you know how to work with it. However it kind of makes you wonder, what type of cart would you need, and could you use a dog trainer to coach the ostrich into getting better performance?

After you managed to do figure that one out, just set to the start line and win the race.

Many of the defeated ostriches shove their heads into the sand full of shame.

However, with a small brain it is rather hard to tell the difference between sand and the hard race ground.

Why are they still trying?

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