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January 22, 2020

Personal Well Inside Of A Kitchen

Water well is an excavation or structure created in the ground by means of digging, driving, boring, or drilling so the builders would have access to underground aquifers. The well water is drawn by a pump, or using containers, such as buckets, that are raised mechanically or by hand.

Wells can vary greatly in depth, water volume, and water quality. Well water typically contains more minerals in solution than surface water and sometimes they require a treatment to soften the water.

Wood-lined wells are known from the early Neolithic Linear Pottery culture, two oldest wells are in K├╝ckhoven, dated 5090 BC and Eythra, and dated 5200 BC in Schletz in Austria.

Australian Aborigines relied on wells to survive the harsh Australian desert. They would dig down, scooping out sand and mud to reach clean water, than cover the source with grass to prevent spoilage. Non-Aborigines call these native wells, soaks or soakages.

Stepwells are quite common in the west of India. In these wells, the water may be reached by descending a set of steps. They may be covered and are often of architectural significance. Many stepwells were also used for leisure, providing relief from the daytime heat.

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