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May 24, 2018

Police Car Fails

Some of these pictures are so dumb that they will definitely get a laugh out of you. The best is where the trooper is spelt wrongly to read pooper. You will also see some bad choices for police cars in a lot of pictures. You will also see everything from tow trucks to what looks like a pedaled cart used as police cars in the pictures. One of the police cars even has lion king characters painted on it.

Some of the policemen in the pictures have done the weirdest things with their cars. One has a sheriff’s hat on top while another was reported to have a female head on the car top. Their sense of humor is wacky as one of them has joked about how seizing expensive gadgets from drug dealers is priceless. The policemen driving around with the police limos and the hummers must be the lucky ones of the lot.


  1. taking out photo from movies is lame! Like number 23 for example. Idiots!

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