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February 16, 2019

When prom outfit goes crazy

Prom night is probably one of the most important nights to most high school kids and the level of creativity and craziness it has taken on since the past decade is commendable. Most schools now organize prom nights with wacky themes to give couples a chance to go crazy with their outfit. From Dracula inspired prom nights to prom nights promoting peace, there seems to be some message associated with this special dance event. Couples have an opportunity to get creative on and many of them even get the outfits designed and made by themselves. This along with matching shoes and accessorizes to enhance the outfit are a huge rage among the younger generation. While many choose to look prim and proper and stick to the old school outfits, a whole bunch of them are more curious to unleash their creative side and do something different with their prom night outfits.

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  1. Understand? says:

    Most of the pictures are of yuppie white kids in ridiculous outfits. Those kids look like rainbow bright or the lollipop king. And in all of the pictures of black or overweight people everyone is dressed pretty normal with maybe one “crazy” aspect to their outfit. It’s funny how the creator of this page placed those images in juxtaposition. One of the “crazy” prom outfits is of an interracial overweight prom couple who are dressed in pretty standard prom outfits. And that picture is suppose to be as wacky as two douche bags who hand made their duct tape prom outfits that form a piece sign when they hug (they are human puzzle pieces). hmm.

  2. Understand even more? says:

    Just because they prom dates are fat or have kinds doesn’t make their outfits crazy.
    And maybe the creator of this article has never actually been to prom or know what its like, because proms have themes.
    Also, there’s a college scholarship contest called “Stuck at Prom” where high school students create a prom dress out of duct tape. Their attire is suppose to be unique, and the creators don’t have to wear them to prom.
    So next time, understand your subject before you create an article. Please.

  3. rajiv agarwal says:

    Fscinating dress-up, people do lot of crazy things for their pertner
    to inhance sesual drive.

  4. The vast majority of these pictures are from Duck Tape’s yearly Stuck at Prom contest. Couples use only Duck brand duct tape to create prom outfits. The winner’s win scholarships and money for their schools. Not just ‘yuppie white kids’ like the Understand? suggests, but also not appropriate for this list at all. And the rest of the pictures look like they’re mostly not even prom related.

  5. What’s with the mercedes signs mistaken for peace signs.. It’s such a common and unnoticed mistake grrrr

  6. Like XMalice says, the most outrageous, colorful outfits are from the Duct Tape yearly prom outfit contest, they weren’t worn to your typical high school prom. They are supposed to be over-the-top and creative, that’s what wins them the top prizes.

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