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September 23, 2019

New Racy Miley Cyrus Photos Leaked

Racy new photos of Miley Cyrus were leaked online last night including a shot of her assistant pretending to love Miley because, suck it, Demi Lovato, that’s why. There’s also a shot of her flashing her  tattoo next to Gay Tron – I knew he was real. – and some other dancers which will probably be the most damaging to her fanbase. I mean, the stuff is just girls being girls and how you attract kin, but fraternizin’ with homo s0xuals before Jesus’ birthday? You’ll fry in hell for that one. Why can’t she stick to making them  videos? It was only baking goods anyway and not full of no Hollywood agenda. I sense the Aunty Christ at work here. I truly do.

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