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May 5, 2016

Rendezvous With The Tiger Sharks

You may think people will be safe inside cages when they try swimming with sharks but in these pictures you will a couple of daredevil divers who are wearing nothing but their wetsuits.

In the pictures you will see the tigers in close proximity to the tiger sharks and in one of the pictures; the diver is even stroking the shark. They usually grow upto a length of 16 ft.

These pictures will dispel all the myths about the dangers of being around sharks brought on by scary movies with man eating sharks. Their normal diet includes dolphins, fish, seals, squid, turtles and even birds. and hence the chances of them looking at a human as prey are quite low. The freedivers William Winram and Pierre Frolla are lucky to have come so close to these sharks and live to tell us about it.


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