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May 22, 2018

Roto-Rooter Fall Plumbing Tips for the Public

All Hallows’ Eve is coming up and many things both spooky and spectacular will happen. Pranks, trick-or-treating, and parties are just some of what can be seen during this holiday, particularly haunted houses. The public has always thought spirits inhabiting homes was just a myth, but many have claimed that ghosts are occupying their residences. Odd sounds of clanging and echoing have been reported by terrified homeowners. This is where ghost hunters come in to investigate.

SyFy Channel Stars Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson are professional ghost hunters. Along the way they have learned that the creepy racket heard by residents are usually coming from their pipes.Hawes and Wilson were trained by Roto-Rooter ten years ago on how to sight and fix in-door plumbing problems.  “Being plumbers, we’ve explained away lots of alleged hauntings by recognizing the sounds we see every day while working for Roto-Rooter,” Ghost Hunter Grant Wilson said. “We hear so many stories about things that go bump in the night that don’t need a paranormal expert, they need a good plumber.”

The most common problem is ill-adjusted piping, which can be solved by securing the pipes and installing insulation to block out the sounds. Hissing and cracking sounds are due to expanding pipes from hot water. The solution is to allow more room to be given for pipes so that they can expand and contract in wall cavities. Many how-to, Roto Rooter Fall Plumbing Tips and stories can be found at www.RotoRooter.com/ChillingTales and you can receive a free booklet with commentary by Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson.

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