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May 30, 2016

Russian Ships Graveyard

Thought that ghosts could not get drunk? You are about to change your mind. Just take a look at who this captain parked his boat. He intended to go downstream and accost into the harbor, to scare some fisherman. All on the day job for him. But today he was overreacting in drinking the whiskey from a walk by visitor. He still managed to scare the hell out of that guy, but apparently, that was too much drink for the captain ghost to handle. The next thing you know, he ended up bringing the ship all the way to an unknown area. No the problem is that he is stuck here, and can no longer bring the ship back on water. Talking about a bad day! Now all these people started to unload stuff out his boat. He can do nothing but watch and desperately scream “hey, hey, that’s my painting, leave it on the ship! Why do you think is not dusty? I take care of it every day!”


  1. Twist Ties says:

    This place may be a good place for Ships Graveyard. But in my opinion, it would be much better if they have converted it in to a family picnic(fishing) place. So that the Russians could go there and have some good time. Thanks for letting us know about it.

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