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May 22, 2018

Behind the Scenes of First Star Wars

There is no doubt that Star Wars is one of the most captivating sagas of our times. It has indeed captured the imagination of more than one generation. And, none of us Star Wars fans can ever have enough of it. That is why when anything new that has to do with Star Wars comes along, we get thrilled by it and devour it with earnest interest. So, here is a rare treat for all Star Wars fans. Here are some pictures from a rare Star Wars documentary. Scroll down and get your heart’s fill.

You get to see many behind the scenes shots in these pictures. You see not only the characters of the epic saga, but also the sets and the director George Lucas himself. And, of course, for the female fans, there are pictures of the dashing heart throb Harrison Ford looking his coolest.


  1. duh obviousburg says:

    First star wars huh? Soooooo “the empire strikes back” was the first stars movie? silly me all this time since I was 5 years old and went to see the first star wars (a new hope) and even remember the sku number on the large rectangle pepsi cup (cuz that’s how it was done then). Sku 5503712486 in case you were wondering. I wore my “planet of the apes “shirt that I got for my birthday a week prior to going to see said movie, it was the kind of shirt that had the apes on it but they were made out of plastic so it felt really weird when I wore it. I mean I tried to wear a t-shirt under it but the ape shirt was really too warm to begin with so I took off the under shirt in the car but when I got out of the car the platic part got really cold to the touch so now I was sweaty and the plastic ape part of my shirt was touching my bare skin and it was really cold which made the wait in line for the movie suck cuz I was dripping in sweat but my plastic ape was cold on my chest and I was holding my large pepsi which was shaped like a rectangle(cuz that’s how they did it back then)so now my hands were cold because the big “cup” was sweating and when I took a sip the soda was flat. So I ask you this….ARE YOU SURE THESE ARE PICTURES OF THE FIRST STAR WARS MOVIE???????

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