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April 2, 2020

How to secure a top career

Certain careers are highly regarded due to earning potential, career satisfaction or the prestige of the position. They include careers in finance, law and medicine. These top careers can be difficult to access but once you have earned the qualifications and gained the experience necessary you can enjoy a lifetime of high earnings and career prestige.

Careers in finance and law

By far the most consistently well-paid careers are those in the financial and legal sectors. Banking jobs in particular pay extremely well with investment bankers and deal makers earning multi-million salaries and bonus payment each year. However, employees in these positions are under enormous pressure throughout their careers. Accountancy on the other hand is also well paid but generally less stressful as a career path.

Lawyers also earn very well, and the degree of hard work and stress you experience as a lawyer is somewhat up to your personal choice of practice area. Again the more highly paid jobs are often more stressful, but being an expert in your specialty is often a key to very high earnings in combination with relatively manageable weekly hours.

Medicine as a career

Top careers are not only about earnings. The satisfaction you feel doing your work on a daily basis can be worth much more than a higher salary, though a combination of both is ideal. This is why a lot of people choose jobs as doctors, pharmacists and dentists, as it combines the ability to earn well with the knowledge you are doing a lot to improve patients’ health.

Entering careers in the field of medicine is far from easy. Doctors are trained over at least a decade before they start earning a fully qualified practitioner’s salary, and this period of training is known to be both academically and physical arduous as it includes periods of residency at a medical facility, with the associated long hours.

Choosing a top career

If financial remuneration is at the top of your list, think of careers in finance. You have to balance your desire for being paid well with the amount of work the job involves, so choose carefully in any given sector. Also look at the projected supply and demand for workers in a specific sector; job prospects could change with time as some careers become oversubscribed with new entrants.

Choosing a career with good earning and advancement potential is the first step, but often there are vast differences between people who make it to the peak of their career and those who just get by. Reaching the top of a career ladder involves substantially higher pay and prestige and is very satisfactory. You will only reach these levels if you are passionate about what you do, so choosing the right career according to your interests and personal abilities is one of the most important steps to a top career.

Education is essential to a top career

The world’s professional careers do not allow you to work without some formal qualification. This could be a degree from a university or completing professional exams from an accreditation body. These requirements are in place not with the intent of creating a barrier to entry, but because education is essential to prepare you for your role in a top career. People working in top positions need a well-rounded, well-informed point of view and formal education is a key aspect of this.

In fact, formal education does not need to be a barrier to entry at all. With the availability of online learning you do not need to attend university full time as a residential student to gain a degree that can lead to a top career. Whether you choose to complete accountancy exams online or to earn a business analytics degree online it is entirely within your power to use education to boost your career prospects.

Benefits of a top career

Salaries aside, there are more important benefits to holding a highly coveted position. People in top careers tend to have more secure jobs that include perks such as fully funded pensions, car allowances and private healthcare. You will also be globally mobile – in demand everywhere in the world. Working conditions are generally good, with ample holiday time and a comfortable working environment. Finally, top jobs come with a social status – suggesting to other people that you are educated, worked hard to get where you are and that you are contributing to business and society.

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