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February 20, 2020

Steampunk Style Wedding

A wedding today is not a simple affair. There are hundred different things to do to make it a success. A wedding theme is one of them. Different couples have different choices for themes. Mostly it is peaceful and discreet. Some times, more eccentric couples go for the outrageous and the extravagant. One such theme which is different from the normal routine is called the steam punk theme. Steam punk is a form of fictional history where steam power was the predominate source of energy.

There are different motifs, fabrics, styles, accessories and make up associated with this type of them. Its underlying sense is that of dark colours caused due to the soot collected from the steam engines. This theme is carried even into the food. It has a touch of gothic influence on it from the dark ages. It is not a very comfortable theme to blend in with if one does not fully understand what it is or its origins.

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