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April 2, 2020

The Stockholm Metro Amazing Artworks

The Stockholm Metro is undoubtedly one of the most artistic subway systems in the world. It is not for nothing that it is called the world’s ‘longest art gallery’. Artists, painters and sculptors have been given the opportunity to convert 90 of the 100 subways in the system as a display of their various arts. The result is that the subways are adorned by wall reliefs, frescos, graffiti and many other forms of art, making the subways absolutely unique and uncharacteristic. There is an array of splendid colors and designs to behold and it is honestly a wonder that people make it on time to wherever they are going- considering how easy it to lose track of time while admiring these fantastic surroundings.

Every subway has a theme along whose lines the décor is created. While some emphasize the underground nature of the subway by using caves as a backdrop, some create contrast by having sky-themed cubes protruding from walls, floors and ceilings.

The Stockholm Metro is the metro system in Stockholm, Sweden. The system has 100 stations in use, of which 47 are underground and 53 above ground. There are seven lines numbered from 10 to 19, in three groups identified by a color: the Green, Red and Blue Lines. Each colour line has two or three numbered lines on shared sections through the Stockholm City Centre.

The metro system is owned by the Stockholm County Council through Storstockholms Lokaltrafik. Operation was contracted to Veolia Transport until 1 November 2009, after which MTR Corporation took over.

The decision to build a metro was made in 1941. The following years, some routes were built with near metro standard but operated with trams. The first part of the metro was opened in 1950, when an underground tram line from 1933 was converted to metro standard. This line ran south from Slussen to Hökarängen. Over the following years, two more lines extending from Slussen (via Gullmarsplan, then Johanneshov) were opened. In 1952, a second system from Hötorget to the western suburbs was opened. In 1957, the two parts were connected via the Central station and the Old Town, forming the Green Line. The Red Line was opened in 1964, with two lines going from northeast to southwest via the city center. The third and final system, the Blue Line, was opened in 1975, with two lines running northwest from the city center. The latest addition to the whole network, Skarpnäck station, was opened in 1994.


  1. Sal Errol says:

    What a weird sensation! I was enjoying the incredible photographs of real places, and then I started hearing the video alongside it about sharks…and well….it got pretty weird after that. It ended by the “Bing!” that signals, indeed, it was an ad!
    Thanks for the great photos! I realize you likely have nothing to do with the soundtrack

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