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February 23, 2020

Strange Angry Birds Food Art

The idea behind strange angry bird food art has been taken from a popular PC game known as ‘Angry Birds’. Different food items and colors have been used to create the image of the angry bird and the green pig. To give the bird a red color white rice has been used mixed with tomato ketchup. To create the white color underneath the bird’s body, some white rice has been added to the bottom and then the whole thing has been given an egg shape. For the bird’s beak, a baby carrot has been used and for the crown feather, red colored pasta sheet, cut into small pieces has been applied. The eyebrows and eyes were designed from cheese slice and nori.

To create the green pig, white rice has been mixed with peas paste and edamame to bring about the green color. For the pig ears edamame has been used and to the nose has been created by means of cucumber slice. For the eyebrows and eyes again cheese slice and nori has been used.

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