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February 16, 2019

Strange Cargo Found at Kennedy Airport

Contraband is an exhibition and a book that chronicles a number of items detained or seized from passengers or express mail upon arriving at the Kennedy Airport in New York. These items range from common everyday items to some fairly exotic and odd items as well as items that are clearly illegal. But, however bizarre they may be, it sure provides an insight into what the people of America seem to want. Take a look at the pictures and some of these oddities yourself.

I can understand why someone would want Viagra, or pharmaceutical drugs or steroids in the US, but for what purpose would you want a bird corpse or dead guinea pigs or chicken feet? There are some interesting objects, of course, like the an African mask, but what could you want from a cow foot bottle, or deer penis or toothpaste made from cow dung?

By: nytimes.com


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