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May 24, 2018

When Superhero Costumes FAIL

Who is your superhero fantasy? Do you imagine swinging between skyscrapers as Spiderman with Mary Jane in tow? Or do you see yourself more of the enigmatic Batman, with more cool accessories than a blessed James Bond?

The irony is that our superhero fantasies are of course fuelled by fabricated characters, and ones that were conceived by people who regularly dream of saving the day and being doused in spandex. The superhero has evolved into a sexy, unrelenting figure, yet seemingly has its everyday flaws. Batman wouldn’t be Batman if it wasn’t for Bruce Wayne’s egocentric ways. And Clark Kent, with all his geeky-submissive attributes, relishes his metamorphosis into Superman, if not for the flattering briefs.

So when we attempt to create our favoured superheroes, and by this we simply mean for the up-coming fancy dress party, not for localised crime fighting, the outcome can often be disappointing to say the least. After much searching and ridicule, here are some of the crappest superhero costume efforts that won’t be beating the bad guys anytime soon…


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Unfortunately this Wolverine doesn’t have the ‘X Factor’, however makes up for it in fear factor and evident bowel issues.

Green Arrow

(Image credit)

This particular arrow-trickster looks more like a cross between the Riddler who’d you keep away from the kids and a sexually confused Robin Hood. One thing we’re not and that’s green with envy.

Wonder Woman

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Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Well, just a large bird the size of a plane. This Wonder Woman causes all of her onlookers to wonder where how the hell she managed to do such an injustice to this fit and fabled superhero.

Batman & Robin

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These two iconic caped superheroes normally arrive and leave together, however on this occasion one was responsible for the weekly shop as the other was earning an extra buck at the local retirement home. One word: Fail.


(Image credit)

The worst thing this Ironman could relinquish is an annoying paper cut. However, on the flipside he’s great at dispensing festive bows and ribbons.


(Image credit)

Erm, this outfit was either sprayed on or he’s seemingly taking superhero S&M to a whole new level. Crap as it is impressive.


(Image credit)

This particular Spiderman has really let things slip, but at least he’s still got the moves.

Incredible Hulk

(Image credit)

Don’t make him angry! Or what? He’ll stare us to death and then poo himself from the pressure? A not quite so Incredible Hulk folks…

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  1. Hermitbiker says:

    …. these are hilarious fails for sure…. thanks to thcc for this share !!

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