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September 16, 2019

Abandoned Forest Pioneer Camp

Here are some pictures of an abandoned forest camp and tower called the Pioneer camp. It is interesting to see what time and disuse have done to its structure. What must have been a throbbing camp full of activity, is now forgotten and left to mark the passage of time.

While the tower and everything in it seems comparatively well preserved, the camp itself is a different story. One sees pictures of a large conference room, where the chairs are still standing in uniform rows, but everything around them is torn to shreds. Even the false ceiling is falling apart. Many metal gadgets and appliances are shown, so rusty that it is hard to identify them or their purpose in some cases. Strangely, the logo of the camp, in wrought iron presumably on its entrance wall is remarkably well preserved, even if it is a little run down.

The Train Graveyard

What do you think happens to all those trains that have run their course for years and then left to die. These trains are taken to Voskresensk, Russia and then buried in this graveyard for trains. People who walk through this graveyard at night may be able to hear the choo-choo’s of the train’s past around them.

Imagine the trains haunting the place at night. The graveyard has become a sort of train museum over the years owing to the number of abandoned trains that occupy the land now. A train enthusiast will find trains from all centuries and walks of life sitting on this land. Most of the trains are rusted owing to being abandoned with no maintenance at all henceforth. However, the train gods must be happy to know that at least they have a happy place to settle down at once they are done serving their time on the rails.

The Abandoned AZLK Plant

The pictures show the huge abandoned AZLK plant and how it looked in 2003. You will also see age- old rusty equipment that will never be used again. It seems like a waste of a lot of investment and time. All the furniture inside seems to be wrecked and it is obvious from the pictures that nobody has been around for a long time. Some parts are still in use as you can see the smoke coming out of the tall chimneys.

The interiors show the complexity of the operation and the empty staircases were once full of activity. The outside is covered in now and so are some parts inside the plant where the roof isn’t in the best condition. From the outside, the building seems just fine. It is only when you enter that you realize how much in need of maintenance the building is.

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