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April 2, 2020

Top 5 Biggest Airplane Disasters

Generally when it comes to fear of flying, we usually associate fear with bad memories from the past. Therefore, our mind put fear somewhere deep in our minds. One of worst memories in our lives and in history was bad events from September 11th. Everyone knows what happens then so we will try not to talk about this, but fear will always be present here around us. Today we present you list of our fears. The list of top 5 biggest airplane accidents you can see bellow:

Tenerife airport disaster

Tenerife airport disaster happens on the March 27, 1977. It happens when two Boeing 747 passenger airplanes clashed on the runway of Los Rodeos aerodrome. This happens on Spanish island Tenerife on the Canary Islands. At the end there was 583 dead passengers and crew members which make this crash as world’s deadliest accident in aviation history. Everything happens due to fox on the aircraft. Airplanes didn’t have ground radars and only navigation was throught voice communication that failyre s a result of several misunderstandings. One airplane attempts to take off while second airplane was on the runway. Result is enormous disaster with all 248 passengers in first plane and 335 from 396 passengers in second plane. 61 People from second plane including pilots and engineers survived disaster.

Japan Airlines Flight 123


The Japan disaster happens on the August 12, 1985. It was domestic flight from Tokyo to Itami. Airplane registered as JA8119 get mechanical error just 12 minutes after take of land. 32 minutes later, airplane crashed into ridges of Mount Takamagahara in Ueno. At the end results were horrible. All crew members (15 of them) and 505 passengers died. Only 4 passengers survived airplane crash. Total result was 520 death.  After Tenerife accident, this is world’s second deadliest airplane disaster.

Charkhi Dadri mid-air collision

The Charkhi accident happened during Nov 12th ’96 once Saudi airways Flight 763 on the way from capital of India, New Delhi, to Dhahran, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, clashed in mid-air on Republic of Kazakhstan Airlines Flight 1907 on the way from Republic of Kazakhstan, to capital of India, across the village from Charkhi Dadri, Haryana, Republic of India. All people on both flight followed dead, coming through the most fatal mid-air collision in the chronicle from aviation and third place on our list.

Turkish Airlines Flight Paris Disaster

This accident occurs on March 3, 1974, Turkish Airlines take of from Paris to London as final destination. Airplane crashed shortly after take of from Paris Orly Airport. There were 346 people inside and none of them survived crash into Forest near the Paris, France. Cause of crash was deatached cargo door that created decompression which lead to explosion.

Air India Flight 182 Disaster

There are 2 flight accidents noted on this post started from India. This one happens on June 23, 1985 but not in India. This happens in Ireland when bomb exploded inside the cargo area of airplane. There were 307 passengers and 22 crew members. Unfortunately they all died. This event was work of Sikh extremists and that it comprised an revenge as the Indian politics aggress about the consecrated Golden Temple. There was one passenger checked in as M. Singh who never board but his suitcase with bomb was loaded into plane. Until today, M. Singh was never found or identified.

There are a lot of airplane crashes, but here are some facts that can help you to know How to overcome fear of flying :

  • If you calculate by distance, planes are 62 times more safe than riding in cars, buses or trucks.
  • More than half accidents happens due of pilots errors and bad decisions due mostly because of bad weather conditions. Nowdays companies give a lot money to pilots training but for equipment as well.
  • Daily in the United states more than 100.000 people travel with airplanes.
  • At the average, more than 10 million take offs and lands happen only in USA yearly.
  • Even if one engine failure during take of or flight, pilot can still drive plane with just one engine safely.

We hope we helps with facts about safety, so feel sure when you take off with airplanes…

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