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August 18, 2019

The Top 6 Doomsday Predictions of all Time

If doomsday predictions are to be believed, the earth would’ve melted, roasted, fried, frozen and that’s just the beginning. Here’s a look at The Top Six Doomsday Predictions Of All Time:

6. Newton’s scribble


It might’ve just been a scribble, but considering that it came from one of the most renowned scientists in the world does add some value. Isaac Newton, amidst discovering the laws of the world, basically writing physics and thinking up insane possibilities, put a date to the end of the world.

He noted that on the back of an envelope that wasn’t discovered till 2003. But what if the date marking the end of the world according to arguably one of the best minds had already passed? Luckily, it was 2060. Isaac Newton, the man who invented a chunk of the math that our kids are being forced into at school, predicted that the earth would crumble in the year 2060.

5. A Prophet chips in


Don’t worry. 2010 did indeed find mention as the end all of human life. One Ronald Weinland, an American Church man predicted that 2010 will be the end of the world.

Only made a ‘messenger of God’ in 1997, Weinland quickly got his act together and shut himself up in a room. The New York based Minister, came out one sudden day, brandishing a hand written book. The book, aptly named 2008- God’s final witness broke all records for books. It was after all the Americans he was trying to convince. In this book, Weinland writes that 2010 will have “the last great day”.

4. The Y2K bug


It was as if Frankenstein would come alive. This one said that all the technology in the world would just stop working as the clock turned on midnight of 31st December, 1999, or at least that’s what all the big companies had us believe. Their justification being that the clocks in our computers were binary coded and that after 99, they’d trip to 00 and that’d confuse the all out of them, sending them in a total tizzy.

It confused us humans alright. Every time somebody wrote 00 in the year column of some form or anything of that sort, it gave them a chuckle. How foolish were we to buy that load of crap?

3. The great flop


A burly old man led his own flock up a steep mountain promising them the secret of life and its miracles. What the flock didn’t expect at all was a date marking the end of the world. Given that the shepherd was a Baptist priest, they had reason to flock beneath him.

William Miller said in 1844 that the second coming was arriving. Jesus Himself would land on earth and teach us all a lesson on life, said the deluded Miller. Forced to pick a date for this earth shattering moment, the reluctant preacher fixed it on October 22nd, 1844.

The date did bring things to an end, but sadly for Miller, not the world. Seeing that nothing actually happened, his flock curtly deserted him.

2. Mormon madness


While this might not necessarily be madness, it was about the Mormons. In 1835, Joseph Smith founded the Mormon Church. He assembled a bunch of people, called them the leaders of his Church. He then went on to boldly claim that he knew about the end of the world.

God, he said, had spoken to him. Smith went on to say that God told him that the world was going to face a terrible, painful end. Smith said that within the next 56 years (within 1891) Jesus would reappear to mark the Judgement day. This he called “The end time”. It never came of course.

1. The Mayan’s get preachy


The Mayans are an ancient South American civilization. They were quite prosperous at being a race. Living between 2500 BC and 250 BC (which is considered the classical age), they excelled in science, math and arts.

That’s exactly why their word isn’t taken lightly. Movies are being made on their prophecy. Books have been written and theorists have come out supporting and vehemently denying their claim.

They seem to have run out of stone while making their calendar (considering that they had enough stone to chart out 2000 odd years after their time!), and it stops on December 12, 2012. This is, if one of the most prosperous civilizations in human history is to be believed, will be the last day of humans.

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