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April 2, 2020

Top 10 Epic Xmas light shows

Every year the houses in my neighbourhood seem to get more illuminated when it comes round to Christmas time! the effort that people are prepared to go to always amazes me, as does their financial ability to pay for the power that it must take to light those lights! Love them or loathe them, you can’t help but stop[ and stare at these Christmas home illuminations, and here we’ve collected some of the best images of Christymas light shows in the world!

Christmas is bright in America!

I’ve seen a few houses with bright lights back home but this takes the biscuit! This house from San Mateo County in America reminds me of some holiday lodges  I’ve seen in the past but the degree to which this one is lit up is just incredible!

German Festivities

Sometimes you just have to tip your cap and say well done! This without doubt one of the best Christmas houses we have seen, and extra points are awarded for the colourful trees!

A fairly tale home

We think this is just the prettiest little place! Beautifully lit and not too overstated, yet still a blaze of colour!

The whole nine yards!

We think this place is incredible! There are so many lights on this property that it is almost impossible to see the house! If you headed out on touring holidays for the rest of your life looking for the most amply lit house, you would struggle to see a more impressive site than this!

Garden Display

Some people like to keep the lights off the house, but that doesn’t mean they can’t go for it in their garden!

A great effort

We only have a photo of a portion of this house, but we’re confident you’ll agree that this is quite enough to indicate just how well this home is lit!

Blowing a fuse

Incredibly, this house uses an extra £500 of electricity in a three week Christmas period, and the residents of the house are unable to boil a kettle while the lights are switched on!

Total Transformation

This is a nice house but these lights somehow transform it into some sort of Disneyesque Castle! An amazing piece of illumination!

A step too far?

We can’t quite make our minds up about this one. Is it all too much, or should we be revelling in this magnificent feast of light?

Take a step inside

We normally stick to outside shots, but this was just too good not to be included in this list! A fabulous example of a Christmas display that got so big it had to carry on inside the house!

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